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  1. Here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-1602-LCD-Module-Red-Characters-Black-Backlight-HD44780/2001347657.html 6.95 USD
  2. golyo73


    AAF2 focuser
  3. Yes of course, when development and final version is done.
  4. Hi guys, Modded AAF 2.4 with ASCOM and manual capabilities with rotary encoder for fine movement, and push buttons to fast movement, Intergated a 1602 LCD with temp and movement display. (Red LCD ordered and on the way) Rotary step count is working, but push button step count is under development LCD is not needed if using with ascom and laptop, but in manually use is helpful... Cheers, A.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MF_NJq0--Q Done with push buttons and rotary encoder. The buttons move the focuser both direction and rotary encoder too with smaller steps. ASCOM version is working together with buttons version... Golyo
  6. Hi, Someone has made a hand controller for AAF2? (laptop free version ) What I think is 4 button (1 slow, 1 fast, both direction) 'hand controller'... Thanks, Golyo
  7. Thanks Mick. Yes, smaller on focuser, because I have a Crayford 1:10 microfocuser... :-)
  8. Hi All,Here is my AAF2 focuser. Thanks for the code, everything works fine.150/750 SW, EQ5 GT-Pro And a short video of operate: and cooperate with APT: Regards, Golyo
  9. golyo73

    Hi from Hungary

    Have you tried this: http://skowron.biz/artikel/gphoto-raspberry/ ? Compatibe with your Canon... Regards,
  10. golyo73

    Hi from Hungary

    Hi all, I'am Golyo from Hungary. Not long since I deal with astronomy, about a half year. I have a basic equipment (130/650 SW AZ-Goto) but for learn is more than enough. My occupation is telco and IT. I did some DIY modofocation for telescope. With Raspberry Pi, I made a web based control motorized focuser (PHP, Python) with 512 steps motor, 5MP RPi camera at primer focus and completely remote controlled telescope over LAN (cable or wifi) It can conrtolled with laptop or phone. (RS232-USB and UBS-LAN convert)... More details are coming if requested... Thanks for welcome.. BR, Golyo
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