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  1. redtail

    Polemaster DIY build

    Three internal grub screws.
  2. redtail

    Polemaster DIY build

    Yes it is in two parts and one part is left in the mount when the camera tube is removed.
  3. redtail

    Polemaster DIY build

    It was machined on a lathe.
  4. redtail

    28BYJ-48 Stepper motor questions

    I use these .They are excellent.https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/stepper-motors/3514625/
  5. Hi have you shared this project anywhere.
  6. Or you could use direct drive as on my other scope.If i were you i would connect to the rough focus if using direct drive.
  7. get a strip aluminium and bend to a right angle then drill out the fittings
  8. redtail

    Roll Off Roof Control with a USB Relay

    felopaul driver and usb x440 connected in sgpro .....easy
  9. redtail

    Roll Off Roof Control with a USB Relay

    You should use this relay board as its driver is ascom and works well in sgpro .....USB-X440 http://www.felopaul.com/ascomRool.htm
  10. redtail

    Roll Off Roof Control with a USB Relay

    you need to tick the use serial com
  11. redtail

    Polemaster DIY build

    My take on mounting the qhy 5
  12. redtail

    ROR Control circuits

    No i had to order the USB-X440 from france.
  13. redtail

    ROR Control circuits

    I have used this software and board for years now and has never let me down.I use it through sgpro.http://www.felopaul.com/ascomRool.htm
  14. redtail

    TS optics v power focuser

    Yes they do use the inner holes. I use the project on here by james_screech to build the focusers and use them in sgpro to good effect.

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