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  1. Hi, thanks for the advice. Isn't the maximum magnification for my 5inch scope about 260x? The 9mm is currently giving me a magnification of about 70x, I thought I still have a large room to play with? I just tht of getting a barlow for viewing of planets, currently the view on anything other than saturn and jupiter is very small.
  2. Looking for my first barlow, what will be a good first barlow?
  3. wow, thanks guys. Sound like a real challenge!
  4. May I know what is sketching and how do we do it?
  5. Hi, Lunar eclipse is coming up. just wondering, what is a good way to take some pictures of the moon
  6. When is the best time for Mars then? Quite surprise that it is so hard to see detail on Mars
  7. Thanks, ya, I think I am aligned to Uranus which seems like a blue star to me, but not flickering. Since there is no other bright star near the same area, I think I am 80% sure I am looking at Uranus. As for Neptune, I am still having trouble finding it.
  8. Hi, I am just trying to see Neptune and Uranus for the past few nights. How much magnification is needed before we can see a disk shape instead of a point? I have been using my 9mm EP, which give me about 72x power. I have tired looking at Mars as well but it seems like an extremely small red dot. Is there anything beside the EP that might affect the magnification of the planets?
  9. I agree. I end up returning the adapter rather than trying it
  10. I will try moving the switch, hope i don't fly the board
  11. Shouldn't the C-shape facing the + sign to be consider tip positive?
  12. Ya, it is set to positive, the diagram of the polarity is rather confusing, but if you see the diagram it connect out to positive tip.
  13. Hi I owned a Celestron 130SLT It has a power socket I can plug in to power the telescope. I bought a power adapter but it does not power the telescope when I plug in the pin. I am thinking of just plugging it into the battery connector instead. If I just set it to 12V and plug it into one battery connector and leave the other one empty, is it a dumb thing to do?
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