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  1. is celestrons skyris 132c color camera a good camera for solar & planet imagery?

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      Never used one but looking at it almost certainly good for planetary imaging. Depends what type of Solar imaging you want to do. Colour camera is not ideal for hydrogen alpha / narrow band imaging.

  2. Looking for information on a good camera to use for both solar images and deep space images...

    1. ronin


      I suggest you start this as a new topic in the Beginners Imaging section or the Discussion Cameras section. Also throw in an idea of budget - I am assuming you mean a ccd type camera and not a DSLR one? From a question on the moon what scope is being used? Ask this as if over something like 600mm then on a 1/3" camera sensor you cannot get the whole face of the sun on the chip. OK if you want to image prominances not good if you want to show sunspots on the whole surface.

    2. RSpannagel2


      Thanks Ronin for the information. I have to get used to this site and know where to go to post questions. Sorry if I was out of line. Have a good one...

  3. RSpannagel2

    Solar Images

    Amateur Solar Images From My Lunt 60mm Ha Pressure Tuned Solar Telescope & Celestron Skyris 132C CMOS Color Camera...
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