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  1. And another reason for introducing others is if no new people become interested the hobby will wither - remember there are many more ways to entertain and amuse eg games and internet.  Plus, the more people that care about the night sky the better we can fight light pollution.

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  2. Don't do it!  Clear skies are rare but I find they are special when they come, and the last few years have been distorted by that monsoon summer we had.

    Why not wait and see what things are like till this winter?  You may also get an easier sale if that's what you still want.

    That's because we don't get clear skies anymore.  Completely useless.  I am seriously on the verge of giving up.  Two years of utter rubbish weather.

    mmm, Im seriously thinking about jacking it all in... We had some nice weather for a few days but everything is going to crud.

    Lets see how the rest of the year pans out.


  3. Thanks guys! I'll experiment when I have the scope. Re: rear fans, I've read about a baffle just above the mirror, called a 'mauro la lio' baffle after a poster on another forum, which seems to increase the effectiveness of rear fans sucking air down the telescope.

    Does anyone know which fans are best for low vibration but still push a a large volume of air? I've heard noiseblockers are recommended, somebody mentioned the gelid fans, any others? And which is best? Thanks

  4. Hi, does anyone have any experience of boundary layers fans in UK conditions?  Do they make a difference?  This is for a large (20in) thin (1.4in edge) fast mirror.  It should cool down quickly but I'm wondering about the boundary layer just above the mirror, I would think it won't go away until the mirror is in thermal equilibrium with the atmosphere.  Does anyone know how long that takes for a similar size mirror in typical southern UK conditions?  

    If you found it made a noticeable difference, then what size fans are you using? How fast if the flow (CFM)?  Could you turn the fans off after a certain time or did you find it beneficial to run them all through the session?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Gordon, I was at NEAF for the last hour and a half on Saturday and for most of Sunday. I had a great time, so much amazing astro gear! It was so big that it didn't seem particularly crowded. Nice to see people like the Naglers, Paul Delliechaie (spelling?), Roland Christen from Astro-physics and lots of well known names from the Sky and Telescope and Astronomy magazines. Nice to see a few UK vendors and the UK mags represented. Not sure what you look like so don't know if I saw you. Great weather but only looked through one H-alpha scope on Sunday. I don't know if there were any other UK attendees, are you a NEAF regular?

  6. Hi,

    Anyone going to NEAF in New York in 2 weeks??

    The planets have aligned for me so to speak, and I should be there on the Sunday 13th April, may be also for the 12th.  So excited!  Wondering if any others from this side of the pond are going?

  7. No wonder, that's a terrible picture of Jupiter.  If you can't send it back, I can take take it off your hands.

    Not so sure about this.

    My second hand FLuorite FSQ arrived courtesy of Parcel Farce...


    And does this...


    The older fluorite FSQs are far less sensitive to cooldown than the later ED versions but I think this has to do with lens element spacing, not that I know for sure.


  8. Sorry for the O/T, but are n52 magnets easy to get off a steel tube? If so then seems a nice counterweight solution.

    I have done yes, I have a set of n52 neodymium magnets which would hold 10kg with ease, so having a quick attach/detach counter weight is academic. The only thing I haven't taken into account is if that would strain the focuser. From what I gather the stop bolt under the SW200p focuser could be tightened a little to counter that?

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