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  1. Thanks AM! You indeed have friends in high places :), I'll be interested to know what he says. I the mean time a little googling came up with this http://cfao.ucolick.org/ao/limitations.php dated 2003, which just says the same but not really adding any details I can understand. This link http://www.eso.org/projects/aot/what_AO/ talks about needing many more deforming elements providing finer control of the bendy secondary, and much brighter reference stars; at visual wavelengths. Shorter wl's apparently jiggle a lot more in the atmosphere. Apparantly full visual AO IS in use by the US military for peeking at satellites. There's a lot of other stuff but it's way too much heavy maths for me.

  2. Actually AM I read it in the astronomy now 2007 yearbook. There's an interview with Dr Matt Mountain, granted he's now the director of the Hubble science institute but he used to work in Hawaii on the Gemini scope and he said he ran an adaptive optics group there. He said just that, and also that AO wouldn't work for wide® field shots as the further the subject is from the reference star the worse the correction - you'd need multiple guidestars and fantastic computers. As an aside, I went back and bought the yearbook and i highly recommend it to others, there's also some other nice articles including one on mars.

  3. Of course I have just compounded the problem by buying a new WO Megrez 90 for £799 - when the same deal is $1099 in the US - at the current exchange rate the UK price should be around £600 - Doh, perhaps I am a mug !!.


    Actually once you add VAT that comes to £705. Plus UPS fee, import duty and the fee your credit card company charges for foreign transactions, you would've saved very little if anything. You can make big savings buying abroad but not in this case, so don't feel bad about it!

  4. Welcome,

    There are a few of us in Essex now. Where abouts in Essex are you.


    I'm in Harlow. Light pollution is pretty bad here. I have a streetlight 10 meters from my garden :D

    Hey legion! I used to live in harlow, near the stow, went to St Mark's

  5. I really like Practical Astronomer, bought the Nov issue in telescope house and i think its great. It's not nearly as polished as AN or S@N but it 'feels' like its put together by enthusiastic amateurs. The articles seem to have more depth and detail and seem more, er, practical.

  6. Hi

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Well I'm just waiting to here if there are any places left, if so, I hope to meet a few of you there.

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