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  1. I reckon the clever Chinese / Taiwanese manufacturers have 100 degree eyepieces in their sights now though ......


    They're already selling them - witness the Explore Scientific 100deg eyepieces, and these:

    Google Translate

    Which are sold in the US under this label:

    Zhumell Z100 16mm Eyepiece with 100 Degree Apparent Field of View - Telescope Eyepieces at Telescopes

    More to follow I'm sure, especially given that I'm not sure how strongly patent law is enforced where these are probably made.

  2. That sounds like a great adventure! Though it doesn't sound feasable if you've got any roots (family/job/mortgage). But I agree it's a bit risky driving through the middle, you'd probably be safer going around the middle east/afghanistan/uzbekistan than thru it, though it'll add weeks/months to the journey. even then, not sure how safe central asia is - i hear it's no fun having a breakdown in Mongolia...

  3. The Ethos eyepieces do seem to have a lot of empty space inside, something to do with spacing out the lens elements I expect, so the weight is indeed less than you might expect. There aren't any diagrams of the Ethos eyepieces available, and I'm not going to be taking one apart anytime soon !!!

    The closest diagram I can find is of the Explore Scientific eyepiece, which although a much heavier eyepiece probably has some similarities.

    Just out of interest here's a diagram of the Koehler 120 degree eyepiece desinged at Zeiss back in the 1960s for use in military binoculars.


    I do wonder how that Koehler would do with computer optimised design tweaks, modern glass types and coatings... for all we know the ethos design may even have been based on it

    Back on topic, the most serious shortcoming of the ethos for me was it's eyerelief - have to take the glasses off for a proper spacewalk, then I find it prone to fogging. Can't wait for the Type II ethos...

  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the advice. I presented both options to my co worker and he went with the heritage. That was also more in the range he was looking to spend as he's not sure if his son'll develope an interest in astronomy - it's a 'test the waters' scope. The mercury must be very rugged if it's puppy-proof!!


  5. Camkorn and Deneb, the Astronomy Society of Haringey (AshAstro - ASH - Home ) meets in Southgate - could be convientent depending on whether you're in south Hertfordshire or not. It'd be very close to Enfield. Looking on their homepage looks like they may have some observing activity.

    Kniclander and Nitram, you may already know about them, but WOLAS (west of london astronomy society) has a darker-than-the-suburbs observing site out by High Wycombe, which they have access to about one weekend a month. You can just see the milky way there - though it's no kielder. They meet alternately in Harrow and Ruislip. Hope this helps.

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