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  1. Up for sale is my TeleVue NP101is to make way for more purchases + travel Comes with Case, 4" cradle rings, large field corrector, 0.8 reducer flattener, 2.4" - 2" adapter, 2.4" spacer rings If interested please contact me..... Looking at $5800 Aus I do live in Australia, willing to ship.
  2. Hi guys, So I just purchased a TeleVue NP 101is and I had that new scope feeling when it arrived, you know.... cradling that new telescope like it was your first born child! Yes I did that! Back on point, first light. When viewing through this telescope I was in awe.... The stars were so pinpoint and the FOV was so large I.... Well I was excited to start imaging. So I started to setup my scope, using the correct adapters (2.4inch TeleVue) I began to start screwing them together.... First the T-Ring Adapter - 0.25" Extension Ring - Large Field Corrector - 1.0" Extension Ring - 0.375" Exten
  3. I like to shoot wide field targets or larger objects like Eta Carinea Nebula, Orion, Seven Sisters, Rho region etc etc. Galaxy shooting I haven't really done much of as the extreme widefield sector is what I like, hence why I've been starting to get into mosaics etc to expand the field of view. I guess what I'm trying to achieve is detailed wide field images so larger chips with the shortest focal length I can achieve hence looking at the TeleVue NP101is with the Atik 16200 as I believe that gives a good p/p ratio compared to the WO71 astrograph. In terms of your other questions as such I s
  4. How important is the per pixel when imaging? For example I image with a Nikon D810a and a WO star 71 astrograph which has a 2.89 p/pixel resolution count. I'm looking to expand on my imaging and thought about purchasing an Atik 16200 camera to image with.... with this combination it will give me a 3.56 p/pixel resolution count. How will this effect my photographs. The reason I'm also looking into this camera, for the WO GT102 scope it will give me a 1.76 p/pixel count which would be a great combination I believe however the field of view is smaller. Would there be much difference in detail?
  5. Hi guys, I am at that stage where in the next month I'm about to pull the trigger on a new setup and would like your thoughts. The setup will be based on imaging and living in Australia I will have a budget of $10,000. In the past I have owned the following equipment, Celestron AVX, CGEM, Edge HD 8" OTA, William Optics GT 81mm, William Optics Star 71 Astrograph, Stellarvue 115. I had to sell these items to get maintain mortgage repayments due to being made redundant, this was sometime ago now.... So now I'm stable again it's time to get back into imaging. Also keep in mind that I do travel
  6. Thanks for your insights guys, I've decided to go with William Optics seeing I already own one of their scopes and I'm very happy with their optics. Now to decided to save a little longer and get the FLT 132 or be impulsive and get the 102 now.
  7. So I'm in the shop for another refractor. I already own a William Optics 71mm Astrograph and love the little thing. I'm looking for something that I can use more visually and also take images with. I already know what the optics are like in William Optics scopes and Stellarvue as I've also owned one of these in the past too. Explore scientific... How do these optics compare to Stellarvue and William Optics? The scopes I'm looking at are the.... William Optics 102GT Stellarvue 102 Explore Scientific 127ed They all seem to fall around the same price tag apart from the Stellarvue being a
  8. I've been doing Astro imaging for a while now and have a CGEM mount with a William optics 71mm astrograph along with a Nikon d810a. Im looking to add an additional scope to my collection. My purpose of this is to use this as a visual scope of planets with the odd image and be able to image galaxies with abut more detail as my wo 71 has a huge field of view. Please remember I'm able to switch my camera sensor size from full to crop to accommodate a scope that can't handle a full frame camera. I like my refractors and have been thinking of either a sky watcher black diamond ed100 f9
  9. So this is my first image, I need to work on the alignment side of things when combining all the images together in Photoshop. Any final advice would be great.... also I didn't use any calibration frames either for my first attempt using a new method of imaging.
  10. noideasteve

    Steve's AstroPhotos

    A collection of my photographs
  11. thank you so much everyone. That video was exactly what I needed... Thank you Carole, I'm really happy with my first result and learning curve to LRGB imaging and I'm loving it! I was very doubtful at first but the amount of detail you can achieve is fantastic.... I thought I was hooked before, this has just taken it to a whole new level! The next thing for me to do is work out a better way to align my images and that's where I'll look into the program you suggested Olly.
  12. Hey guys, I've done a bit of astrophotography using dslr and cooled ccd one shot colors. I've decided to sell my OSC and purchase a Atik 383L+ along with a Orion Nortilus filter wheel and astronmik LRGB filters. The weather hasn't been the best here however when I stack my images they don't seem to come out in color. I'm sure there is something I'm doing wrong here! How many RGB images do I need to take to start obtaining color in my images? They are all looking grey. They are all 3 x 300 second exposures in LRGB. I'm trying to practice now in poor conditions so when I do get good conditions t
  13. Thank You very much, I didn't get as many exposures on this as I wanted, so the next time I try... fingers crossed I will get a better outcome. Thank You! For this image I was using the Celestron Advanced VX mount with the Edge HD and the William Optics 50mm guide scope. I've just purchased a Celestron CGEM mount.
  14. Thank You and an Off-Axis guider completely slipped my mind, I might look into it but before purchasing one I will try my WO star 71 first I think and see if there is any difference in tracking.
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