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  1. Those are some really nice pics Craig! I feel embarrassed by mine as a camera phone example I am letting the side down!
  2. Simplest and cheapest way (free) is to get your camera phone out. If you have a half decent camera on your phone simply position the lens of that over your eyepiece (it can take a bit of playing to get right, especially in the dark). I have taken some really good pictures using my smartphone. This pic was taken with my smartphone through the eyepiece. its nothing special but gives you an idea of what you can expect:
  3. No idea if this has already been posted I did a quick search but found nothing. Good buys if you are looking at replacing your stock EP's: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/search-keywords/xx_xx_31507_29045_xx/-clearance-/1_20/relevance-desc/xx-criteria.html
  4. I can see it with a 10" dob from the egde of a small town, an eyepiece in the 18-25mm region would help. To be honest your not missing a lot, its one of those I just mark off the list and wont return to until I go to a dark sky site.
  5. I guess a low profile focusser might fix the problem but im not sure its worth the cost, £120ish minimum, may just cut my losses and sell it on.
  6. Ah problem, got home and looked at my setup and I already have this: so I assume that is about as low as one of the self centering ones? So one would not help me? Any other ideas or am I missing something? btw I have an orion xt10i
  7. Good idea, thanks for that Simon, I will look into getting one of those.
  8. Hi all, just got a q turret and I cannot quite get enough inward travel on my focusser to get focus, I tried adding a barlow to the mish mash which kind of worked but seemed very blurry and made the whole setup very awkward. Any other ideas? Thanks, Steven.
  9. I would like to know this too, spent about half an hour looking for it last night in my finderscope with no luck, which is odd as wiki says its naked eye visible????? I could find Andromeda a little above it with no problems.
  10. I could of done with one of these last night, I worry too much with lasers tho the local police helicopter/air ambo is based just behind our house and they are always complaining about people shining lasers at them, im worried the police would come knocking.
  11. Welcome, clearoutside.com is very useful for planing your observing nights. Pleiades is very nice at the moment in the east, easy to find if you are struggling.
  12. I thought it was expected Friday night into Saturday morning? Or are there multiple flares heading our way? From spaceweather.com:
  13. if you upload it to facebook or another image sharing website you can get the url and post the pics that way, probably easiest
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