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  1. Hello any ems members. Unfortunately since forum upgraded some weeks ago I've been unable to use it at all
  2. Lol £100k... Plus £3.30 postage hahaha I wonder if this is brand new with tags...
  3. Hello warped, welcome to SGL, glad to see the old astronomy bug has resurfaced in you. Dublin isn't to bad, only a short trip to wonderful dark unpolluted skies. I lived just south of you over county Wicklow border for some time
  4. Oooh time travel, was there an old police phonebox nearby
  5. Well I certainly would only buy 1.25" eyepieces in future.. They can then be used well in any future scopes if you move on to any
  6. The threaded bar your after... Id just ask for the "altitude adjuster bar"
  7. Plus they claim its F/15... But that is only with the Barlow you must use..With many of these scopes its a case of "caves emptor" - buyer beware...
  8. Oouch that's from china tho.. Bit of a wait for it to arrive...
  9. Oouch that's from china tho.. Bit of a wait for it to arrive...
  10. I think it normally said the other way around 1.25" to 0.965" If you go to a shop take an eyepiece with you and say you want a adapter to make it fit a 1.25" focused. Found one £9 on ebay.. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/261810490154?nav=SEARCH Could check out astroboot or any other Astro shops online for prices.
  11. As I thought then 0.965 eyepieces.. You need just an adapter for that. Or get 1.25" eyepieces..
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