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  1. Ha ha - yes I am Hitma77/Hayzi111 managed to lose my login details. Sorry for confusion. I will post pics of the finder tomorrow once I get in from work. Unhelpfully there are no details on the finder........really appreciate yer help guys.
  2. Brilliant advice for setting up both you're scope and laptop there. I will be downloading the moon atlas myself for those nights where the moon gets in the way of dimmer targets. I heartily reccomend Stellarium as a newbie myself ( this is just my 2nd season ) and can honestly say the 150 will give you and the kids plenty to keep you occupied - i started with a 150 myself ( on an eq mount ) and recently bought a 2nd hand 12" dob. Happy searching
  3. Hi folks. Just inherited my first raci 9x50 finder with a 12" dob i aquired 2nd hand. It seems like it has a socket for a 1.25 ep so I'm a little confused. Should it not have a permanant piece in there as with a straight through finder? Wondered if I was missing a piece. If not what focal length ep would you guys advise using for just general star hopping? Would low power 40 mm be best as I would like as wide a view as possible. Cheers
  4. Great stuff - managing expectations is very important from the get go
  5. I like to plan an observing session on the day by using Stellarium which lets me see where targets will be at any given time. Next I use Turn Left At Orion or my more in-depth star chart and check out the star hop and off I go into the night.......although up here in Edinburgh there has scarcley been a good night in the last 2 months
  6. Hi Mike - got wind of this on Central Scotland Observers Forum. I've never observed from Galloway and plan to pitch my tent Friday and Saturday. I have 2 new scopes and I'm eager to try them out on some dark skies. Should I just nook through the website link? Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
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