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  1. Hi, 

    Is this still for sale?? I have seen it advertised on another site but you seem more keen on a swap. I am in negotiations with another user for a C9.25. Any room for negotiation on the  asking price?? 



    1. garryblueboy


      Hi what add are you referring to ?

      Regards Garry 

    2. garryblueboy


      Ahh the C11 I'm open to serious offers 

  2. Hi,

    What is the price for the C11, sorry if I have missed it in the advert, I am on my mobile. :-)



    1. Hairycamel


      Hi Stephen,

      lim looking for about £1600 including the Hyperstar and a nice wheeled flight case.


  3. Hi, I had one, ETX 125 PE my very first scope, great optics. I sold it to a very experienced SGL member so I doubt many would think of it as a lemon. Have a look on here..... Weasner's Mighty ETX Site HTH Acme
  4. Duncan, The best thing to do is try and reduce the wobble, try hang some sort of weight of the center of the tripod. vertical like a plumb bob effect. Could you locate Polaris? it stays more or less in the same place so you can take your time and try focus on that first..If you can focus on anything in the distance in the daytime then I doubt it's a collimation issue it may be just the fact that by the time you try focus on a star it will have moved out of your field of view. Other members will pick this up and give you more advice. You are not alone!! Acme
  5. Duncan, Is it this one ..www.argos.co.uk/.../partNumber/5803745.htm
  6. Hi Duncan, What make or what model of scope have you got? Sure we can help...it does sound like a focus issue or your using a very high mag eyepiece when you should be using the lowest possible first to see the object...Stars don't hang about in the field of view for to long at high mag. Acme
  7. Slightly different design but I thought I would post up a picture to show the bolt on adapter in situ and how it looks mounted with my EQ6 Pro for all those thinking of building a DIY pier. Acme
  8. Hi Alan, I know this may not be the answer but have a look at this...W-10AM Watson 10A PSU. The variable voltage output makes it particularly useful for a wide range of applications and the front panel control offers a smooth transition from 0 - 15V DC I got one of these the other day and it solved all my regulated power issues. At a price mind you.. Acme
  9. I had to opt for the mod as my mount has the v2 handset so no option to dim the LED. I was holding out for the EQMOD team to add this function as a software solution if possible but as it was simple hardware mod I thought why not. Acme
  10. I had the afternoon spare so I thought I would give this nice little mod a try. Completed in around half an hour and works perfect. No more powering down the mount and shining a red torch down the hole to check polar alignment mid session. Thank you Sy.
  11. Mike, have you made sure the ascompad is the active window on your computer when your trying to control the scope. I have made the mistake many times having to return to the screen and mouse click inside the ascompad window. Acme
  12. Brian, That's good news matey. Keep the back focus issue in mind though, don't end up loosing another clear night trying to find focus on your guide star. If you don't have a 1.25 50mm extension tube then do try the barlow barrel method to get the correct distance. You won't need a diagonal either so that helps reduce the chances of differential flexure. Acme
  13. Oldgit, Do your testing in daylight, it may be just a focus issue. I had the same problem on my first outing only to find it was because I could not get enough back focus. I unscrewed the optics off an old cheap barlow and it works just fine. The ST80 and the QHY5 is a great guiding setup. Hope this is of some help. Acme
  14. acme

    Lazy M3

    I managed to get the darks into DSS and this is the results, Would I get much improvement if I added some flats to the stack. I have not moved the camera since I took the images or changed the focus so could I go shoot some light frames now? Acme
  15. acme

    Lazy M3

    Thanks sparrow, I did take some dark frames but DSS rejected them, it was the first time I had used DSS and I thought hey ho at least I managed to stack 6 images. I need to read up on processing but at least I have made start. Acme
  16. This is my first attempt at M3. Guided by my new QHY5, makes such a difference after struggling with my SPC900 as a guide cam. Cannon 1000d and a SW 150P DS ..6x3 minutes stacked in DSS no dark frames just a little tweak in PS CS3. Dust bunnies and noisy. I have not had the time to learn processing so any advice would be most welcome. Acme
  17. Hi MG1 I have this one from Maplins Order Code: N89CZ ..I did get it when it was reduced but since I have used it to be honest I would buy it at the full price. Acme.
  18. Bart, I use one on my 250mm newt for the very same reasons as yours. I only switch it on for a few seconds at a time via the remote cable They are very poor in the cold. Acme
  19. Yes Steve, I have added a picture...It serves me well but it's your choice..As Olly has said save the £150 for now and try the dovetail first. Acme
  20. Steve, i used one of these between the rings on the 150P Dovetail bars Skywatcher Dovetail Mounting Plates the 21mm. It fit perfect with no drilling, just added the rings from the ST80 to the bar and used the existing bolts supplied. Acme.
  21. Steve, I have a dual bar and I found that Olly's method works better on my SW 150P DS less balancing issues. I use my dual bar when I combine the ST80 and my Megrez 72 FD. I don't use guide rings on either. Acme
  22. Steve, I would only look at it in the dark plus it would look fine from inside...lol Acme
  23. Hi Noakesy, The shed will be on the decking, the channel would be cut into the floor of the shed, the wheels would run on the decking. I could screw some sort of rails in the decking as a guide for the shed to be aligned. The pier will be a permanent fixture so the shed will be the mobile structure. Acme
  24. Do you think this would work? Horizon 7x3.5 plastic apex shed - Tesco.Direct I have a very flat and level decking area, I was thinking of this as a roll off observatory, once it’s pulled clear of the pier and scope the double doors could be closed and you have an instant warm room. All I think would be needed is to cut out a channel in the floor leading to the double doors of the shed to allow it to accommodate the pier and some sort of lockable castors. Any thoughts or obvious pitfalls? Apart from the fact it looks like a big dolls house. Acme
  25. Hi, Yes that is right, the EQ6 Pro just needs a male DB9 soldered on the cable end and your up and running with EQMOD. I use the one listed above. Works fine. Acme
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