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  1. Yes, taken with the Nikon D60. Prime focus. Just a beginner at all this imaging lark. RTB
  2. Superb afocal pics, I was out in the wee hrs as well, sitting in work in front of my computer like a zombie at the moment!!!!. RTB
  3. A few prime focus pics from this evening. RTB:D
  4. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge Joe, you've come to the right place. RTB
  5. Congrats on spotting Jupiter, I was viewing it myself this evening in between the clouds. Stunning .... though I was getting the same, fuzziness or boiling effect when viewing. Moons were all there, in tow, little spots of light. Definitely one of my favs. RTB
  6. I also have a Skywatcher Explorer 150pl and I am really happy with it, as a first scope I think you've made a great choice. My own scope shows stars with diffraction spikes when focused fully which I think enhance the view. Arcturus is a great star to view, highly recommended. I agree DSO's are a nightmare to find for the beginnner especially at this time of year. My advice is to be really patient, I spent weeks looking for M81 & M82 and still haven't spotted them!!!! However when you do finally land on one like I did a week or so ago with M13 you'll be blown away!!. Great report. RTB
  7. May have posted this in the wrong section... If i have apologies. RTB
  8. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150pl to which I have attached a Nikon D60 DSLR. I purchased a T -Ring which on removing the eyepiece holder lets me attach the camera directly to the scope which has allowed me to take a few pics of the moon. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-lunar-solar/82638-few-beginner-prime-focus-pics-lunar.html However.... My problem is when I keep the eyepiece holder in, using a T Adapter to hold the camera , I can't reach focus. Similarlily , should I want to use a barlow lens for more magnification I cannot get to focus. Focus only becomes attainable whenever I attach t
  9. I love timelapse photography, I have seen a few stunning timelapse pieces on youtube. It's something I'm gonna make an attempt at at some stage. The moon piece is really good, 40x ? I take it that's 40 images all running after each other. Over what period of time did you take the pics? Can you preset your camera for that or did you have to take the exposures individually? Sorry for all the questions!!!! RTB
  10. A few pics taken this evening before the clouds rolled in. Still quite early , taken about 10pm. ISO 400, 1/340. Prime focus method. Nothing spectacular... but a start!! RTB:)
  11. Had everything set up , raring to go looking for M57. However, clouds have rolled in so have given up for the evening. RTB
  12. Thought I'd share this pic with you all, nothing spectacular , just thought it came out pretty well. Quick pic taken with my NIkon D60. RTB
  13. Was glad to finally get off the mark with DSO's !!! For a while there I thought I was doing something wrong!! M57 along with M81 & M82 are next in line!!! After that? , gonna try for a few prime focus pics of the moon over the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. RTB
  14. My interest has never really waned , was just getting more frustrated as time passed not getting any DSO's. Light Pollution, time of year, time of night etc I'm sure have all made their contribution to the frustration. I have spent some nights right up to 2.30 , 3am and still not spotted anything. But thankfully, my patience has paid off!! M81 & M82 are two targets which I've had trouble locating, I'm in the right area , I know that, but they remain elusive!! RTB
  15. I posted a quick post this evening titled 'Connector Problemss' http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/82296-connector-problems.html#post1240222 Just a few beginner problems, nothing major, but enough to start and get me a bit frustrated with this hobby. Problem 2 from the post was my main annoyance. Getting lost whilst star hopping etc because I keep losing myself whilst trying to locate DSO's. To the point where I have not seen any as yet .So I purchased a erecting prism to try and help the problem. Anyway... you can read about the prism problem in the other thread. Needless to say yest
  16. Cheers Tony, Just back in from 2nd session with the scope, what a difference a couple of hrs makes to your mood !!! Best viewing session I've had to date as an beginner!! Will post a review in the morning. RTB
  17. Yes, when held direct at the focuser, the prism gives a perfect view. Do you mean replace the finderscope? If you are I can see the benefits , but my problem seems to be getting lost when I have to view through the focuser and eyepiece . Maybe it's my starhopping technique that needs improving not my scope!!!!
  18. I thought that was the sort thing that I had bought? 90 degree erecting prism. What's the difference? Forgive me if I'm sounding like the village idiot on this one!! The frustrating thing is that the prism gives me perfect focus and image when held directly into the focuser!! If I could just get something to attach to the thread of the focuser!! The piece provided seems to push the prism to far back to achieve focus.
  19. Hi everyone, I've had my scope for a few months now, really enjoying my new hobby, slowly but surely picking up the basics, not without problems as you'll see , but having a blast anyway. However, I recently decided to hook up my DSLR camera in order to try and take a few pics, nothing major to start , just a few shots of the moon etc, you know what every beginner decides to do. This is where my problems start..... Problem 1 I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150PL , F8 , Reflector scope which I'm very happy with. My camera is a NIKON D60, had it for a while. I purchased a Nikon T Ring and a T adap
  20. Ashenlight's got the right idea, a few beers would definitely take the chill off!!!!. Saying that , I was out to 1.30am this morning , with tee shirt!! Looks like the same tonight, it's a scorcher in Northen Ireland today. RTB
  21. LOL.... No I don't charge!!! have not got round to purchasing a case for eyepieces etc, so that was the safest place to place them at the moment!!!
  22. First image is my favourite. Great pic. RTB
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