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  1. rubbertoebooks

    Lunar Pics 10/07/09

    Yes, taken with the Nikon D60. Prime focus. Just a beginner at all this imaging lark. RTB
  2. rubbertoebooks

    "Afocal" Moon 10.07.09

    Superb afocal pics, I was out in the wee hrs as well, sitting in work in front of my computer like a zombie at the moment!!!!. RTB
  3. rubbertoebooks

    Lunar Pics 10/07/09

    A few prime focus pics from this evening. RTB:D
  4. rubbertoebooks

    new to stargazer would like some friends

    Welcome to Stargazers Lounge Joe, you've come to the right place. RTB
  5. rubbertoebooks

    My 1st view of Jupiter Wow+ question

    Congrats on spotting Jupiter, I was viewing it myself this evening in between the clouds. Stunning .... though I was getting the same, fuzziness or boiling effect when viewing. Moons were all there, in tow, little spots of light. Definitely one of my favs. RTB
  6. rubbertoebooks

    First Light Report SkyWatcher Explorer 150

    I also have a Skywatcher Explorer 150pl and I am really happy with it, as a first scope I think you've made a great choice. My own scope shows stars with diffraction spikes when focused fully which I think enhance the view. Arcturus is a great star to view, highly recommended. I agree DSO's are a nightmare to find for the beginnner especially at this time of year. My advice is to be really patient, I spent weeks looking for M81 & M82 and still haven't spotted them!!!! However when you do finally land on one like I did a week or so ago with M13 you'll be blown away!!. Great report. RTB
  7. rubbertoebooks

    Prime Focus Problems - Help!!!!

    May have posted this in the wrong section... If i have apologies. RTB
  8. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 150pl to which I have attached a Nikon D60 DSLR. I purchased a T -Ring which on removing the eyepiece holder lets me attach the camera directly to the scope which has allowed me to take a few pics of the moon. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-lunar-solar/82638-few-beginner-prime-focus-pics-lunar.html However.... My problem is when I keep the eyepiece holder in, using a T Adapter to hold the camera , I can't reach focus. Similarlily , should I want to use a barlow lens for more magnification I cannot get to focus. Focus only becomes attainable whenever I attach the camera direct through the threaded T-Ring. Any solutions? Thanks in advance. RTB
  9. rubbertoebooks

    When will I see you again....

    I love timelapse photography, I have seen a few stunning timelapse pieces on youtube. It's something I'm gonna make an attempt at at some stage. The moon piece is really good, 40x ? I take it that's 40 images all running after each other. Over what period of time did you take the pics? Can you preset your camera for that or did you have to take the exposures individually? Sorry for all the questions!!!! RTB
  10. rubbertoebooks

    A Few Beginner Prime Focus Pics Lunar

  11. A few pics taken this evening before the clouds rolled in. Still quite early , taken about 10pm. ISO 400, 1/340. Prime focus method. Nothing spectacular... but a start!! RTB:)
  12. rubbertoebooks

    Anybody setting up tonight?

    Had everything set up , raring to go looking for M57. However, clouds have rolled in so have given up for the evening. RTB
  13. rubbertoebooks


    Thought I'd share this pic with you all, nothing spectacular , just thought it came out pretty well. Quick pic taken with my NIkon D60. RTB
  14. rubbertoebooks

    Patience Pays Off - M13

    Was glad to finally get off the mark with DSO's !!! For a while there I thought I was doing something wrong!! M57 along with M81 & M82 are next in line!!! After that? , gonna try for a few prime focus pics of the moon over the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. RTB

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