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  1. A quick internet search would reveal that Titan is in fact the only moon visible through bins. Seem to have somehow convinced myself otherwise. Apoligies.
  2. I was very suprised by how striking the disc appearance was when I first saw Jupiter through 15x70s. A nice one with Saturn is to try and identify Titan (or perhaps even other moons).
  3. I believe there will be a full moon though. Perhaps it's a blessing that we can see some early ones.
  4. I missed that! I was sure somebody would have alrady linked it... :-)
  5. Somthing like this: ‪The Simpsons Opening Sequence Space Couch Gag‬‏ - YouTube :-D Or more seriously, a Mandelbrot set...
  6. I saw quite a few in a short space of time whilst poking around with the binos last night. Thought they might be sporadic but upon looking it up I guess it's the Perseid's getting started.
  7. The best cluster for binoculars IMO. Really rich background star field.
  8. I have the NOAA-19 satellite at the right place at the right time but heavens above suggests it only reaches 3rd mag at full illumination. I'll have to put it down to a plane I think...
  9. Just seen a faint "star" to the north west. Loaded up Starry Night, thinking it was maybe a bright planet, and sure enough there was a weather satellite NOAA-19 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in that area moving in-sync with the dot in the sky. The problem, however, is that Starry Night gives that sat as second mag. Surely this is not bright enough to be seen in broad daylight? I find it hard to believe that it was just a distant plane co-incidentally at the same place, at the same time, moving in the same direction, as the aforementioned satellite? Could the satellite have been illuminated by the Sun more than usual? Or am I just kidding myself?
  10. It's all I've really got during the last couple of months, to be honest! Couldn't imagine what I'd do if I had anything but a grab n' go setup. :-/
  11. Yes, I understand what you were referencing. I've watched the film myself (admittedly a fair while ago), just pointing out that a lot of well-respected websites/blogs have disputed some of the other content, and it is therefore a bit "suss" in terms of overall accuracy. I'm also wondering how far this thread can get stretched before the "NO RELIGION" ruling comes into play.
  12. Is that the one about how Jesus was based on many other Christ-like figures from folklore - and then randomly goes on about 9/11 being an inside job? From what I've heard a lot of the facts are maybe not entirely false but the truth is a bit (or a lot) streched. I would recommend a programme called "Star of Bethlehem" that was on around Christmastime this year, if anyone has a way of getting hold of it. It does verge on being a religious programme (i.e. a little bit pro-Christian) in parts if you don't like that sort of thing - but overall it reamins fairly balanced and scientific.
  13. About half-eleven in the north east. You have to wait a bit after them rising though, unless you have a really good horizon. I would say look east around 3pm.
  14. Got two clear spells. 00:00 - 00:45 = 14 meteors seen 3:30 - 4:30 = 20 meteors seen 7 really bright ones with clear trails. So. Result. Worth staying up for. Got a good luck at Jupiter and the plaedies as well. My condolences to those of you who were clouded out completely.
  15. Clearing up in Wigan!!!
  16. Where are you Black Knight?
  17. Looks good for tonight, which just goes to show that whining on an internet forum solves all of life's problems.
  18. There was a nice stetch of 3 or 4 clear nights here last Summer. I'm hoping something similar might happen this year! It's an area of high pressure we're looking for, isn't it?
  19. You must have a nice sky - I had to start with much brighter objects from my loccation. A very beautiful object. Congratulations.
  20. So I went out last night at around midnight for what looked like the only clear night for a good month and a half, and the only one I've been able to get out in since May. The sky was good and dark and I could just about make out the outline of the Milky Way. I had a good look at Alberio and Jupiter, and was homing in on M13 when the clouds rolled over and stayed put. Total time 25 minutes. I'd love to post more on SGL but I'm afraid I don't have much to talk about! It's got to be a plus for binos and portable setups, I think I'd go mad if I had had a scope of any size or expense. Still, I don't start college for another month, so hopefully we'll get some clear nights in August, hopefully around the meteor showers...
  21. Nice pic! Must have taken a while, and some skills! I can pick out Cassiopia and what looks like Cygnus near the Sun
  22. I very much like the wide-field one of M71, and you're right, there is such a range, and I think it's a lot more obvious in photos than when observing.
  23. Unless of course the mount is the problem.
  24. I'm no expert on scopes, but if the 150PL is too long and you like it why not just get the 150P? I believe collimation is less forgiving but if size is the only problem then I believe the 150P has a significantly shorter tube.
  25. This all sounds remarkably like Ether! :-) (It's just there!) Luminiferous aether - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know there must be something causing the gravity, but could we just be missing something?
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