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  1. Lars

    ARP 286 - A Virgo Threesome

    I'm also a fan of interacting glaxies and this is a beautiful image and I like the processing. There is an image showing the interactions on this page if you scroll to the bottom. http://lempel.pagesperso-orange.fr/arp_286_uk.htm /Lars
  2. Lars

    Horsehead nebula in Narrowband

    I can understand you're being hesitant (as would I) but I find it both fresh and exciting. I also thought of J.M.W Turner but with more colour and much more detail. I really like it. /Lars
  3. Lars

    Interacting galaxies

    This galaxy pair is also one of the objects in Halton Arp's Atlas of peculiar galaxes as Arp 269 and this a one of the best images I've seen of it! /Lars
  4. Lars

    NGC 1931

    Very good picture of a rarely imaged object. /Lars
  5. Lars

    Supernova Remnant Heart Nebula 132.7+1.3

    I 've imaged the left part of your picture, the part of the Heart nebula called the Fishhead nebula but I've never even looked at this part before. A very rare and faint catch. Thanks for sharing! /Lars
  6. Lars

    M81 & M82

    Beautiful image with a lot of details. Great processing. /Lars
  7. Lars

    M82 close-up

    I wish..... Thanks Ragnar and Ceph. /Lars
  8. Lars

    M82 close-up

    Thanks a lot Paul and Ciarán. /Lars
  9. Lars

    M82 close-up

    Thank you all for your kind words! This was my first opportunity to image this year due to clouds or the full moon but suddenly there were 3 nights of which 2 had very good seeing conditions. M82 was really not on my list as I didn't think there was any possibilty to image any decent structures, but Peter had brought the idea up in a mail conversation so I gave it a try. My processing skills are really less than average, but Peter is a professional and he managed to bring out both details and get a good colour balance. /Lars
  10. Lars

    M82 close-up

    This is a collaboration between me and Peter Rosén where my part mainly was the photon collection with my old trusty C14 and Peter took care of the processing. M82 has a large outflow of hydrogen perpendicular to the galaxy. Part of the hydrogen probably comes from an earlier close encounter with its neighbor M82 and it has triggered a massive star formation and also numerous supernova explosions. In our galaxy it can be lifetimes between supernova explosions but in the area from where the gas emanates in M82, it happens about once a decade according to the Wiki and these explosions blow the gas outwards as can be seen in images of M82. Total exposure time a little more than 12h and about 2/3s of this was with the Ha filter. /Lars
  11. Lars

    Guiding - best camera

    I have 2 telescope setups and use both the Lodestar X2 and the QHY5LII. The Lodestar wins but, that said, the QHY5LII is a very good camera and gives more bang for the bucks. /Lars
  12. I looked at Optec's web page but didn't find much information about the hardware used in the Lacerta for Lodestar hardware kit other than it works in a similar way as with an ONAG. I can see in the picture they show of the Lodestar X2 camera that they seem to have replaced the front window but not more info than that. I may have missed it but is there any more info on the hardware used? Regards Lars
  13. Lars

    Sh2-261 Lower's nebula

    That's a beautiful image of a nebula I haven't seen imaged before. /Lars
  14. Many thanks John. I have a USB Focus motor that I would probably be able to fit to the Skywatcher with a little work on the adapter. Regards /Lars

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