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  1. Sh2-261 Lower's nebula

    That's a beautiful image of a nebula I haven't seen imaged before. /Lars
  2. Many thanks John. I have a USB Focus motor that I would probably be able to fit to the Skywatcher with a little work on the adapter. Regards /Lars
  3. Not meaning to hijack this thread but I'm contemplating an Esprit 80 or 100 and since I'm having much problems with my present focuser on an 80mm Meade 5000 clone, I wonder if any of you with experience of the Esprits are happy with the Skywatcher focusers? Being able to run consistent V-curves with a stock focuser would be great. /Lars
  4. I saw a specification stating that the mount weight is 7.5 kg and the tripod is 6 kg. I don't know if the latter is for the lighter or heavier tripod though. /Lars
  5. Wonderful and detailed image of this dwarf nebula so far away. /Lars
  6. Need some help with old cge mount

    I used to own a CGE built in 2008 and my mount and many other CGE:s suffered from oxidation on the RA and Dec Connectors (don't know if this is the proper English Word). This caused the mount to run haywire at times. The solution to the problem for me was to buy a set of new connectors from here : http://bendun.net/CGE-UPGRADE-KITS.html I don't know if this will solve your problem, but it is a common problem on an otherwise excellent mount. /Lars
  7. Yerkes-McDonald 16

    Very nice picture of an object I've not seen before. Was this with the MN190 scope? /Lars
  8. Cas A RGB at F10

    Congratulations to that catch! I didn't even think it was possible to image this without a 20" and 20h (that's what Ken Crawford used for his image). And like you I have been feeling optimistic about Einstein's cross but one would probably need exceptional seeing to crack that one. /Lars
  9. Count me in I've never heard of this galaxy but that looks like something I have to visit. /Lars
  10. I'm one of those who think less is better so I really like your processing. /Lars
  11. Paramount MX+ opinions sought

    It's true that almost every premium brand owner, mount or telescope or car or anything will sing halleluja for their brand in a forum and generally that is because they are quite happy with it. But when speaking to them personally, one almost always gets to know the quirks that you won't see in the forums so I recommend that if you can find owners of the mounts you are interested in, try and talk to them in personal and you will also get to learn a lot of real good info about the equipment that has been gained by hard experience. So even though premium brands have their problems, they still are premium brands for a reason and that is normally because of the performance they can show when they work at their best, but the most important thing for most of us is that they can perform at their best every day (or night) without a lot of fuss and as you ask, without a lot of maintenance. Edit: And of course if you can get advice from someone like Olly, who is not tied to a brand but hosts a lot of different mounts, this is worth a multitude. /Lars
  12. Paramount MX+ opinions sought

    I do regrease the RA- and DEC-worms annually. When putting things back together again, I also adjust the cam-stop. These are the only things I do. One has to remove the motors to be able to regrease the worms, but there are both good videos and written instructions on how to do this so anyone can do it. Paramounts seem to be built so the user easily can remove or exchange parts in case anything should break, though Paramounts are generally very highly regarded when it comes to remote imaging just because they are very trouble-free. I haven't read the forums regarding maintenace though. Is it any specific thing that concerns you? /Lars
  13. Paramount MX+ opinions sought

    I have the earlier version of the MX without the + and have used it now for 4 years and am very happy with it. It is rated at 41 kg but I haven't used it with more than 35 kg so haven't pushed the upper limit but it didn't break a sweat with that load. It is the kind of mount that disappears in the background after a while. The MX mounts come with the SkyX and it is a very competent software. If you have done the modelling and have a refractor, the target will probably be spot on. If you have flex like I have with my SCT's, you just push one button and it will take one picture at the target, plate-solve and fine-tune the position and the target will be perfectly centered. And this just takes a few seconds, essentially the time for taking the picture. /Lars
  14. G206.9+2.3 supernova remnant

    Amazing image! I've never heard of this nebula before and of course never seen it either. It almost reminds of some kind of larvae . I also had a look at your website and saw among all the other fantastic images CTB1. Really great stuff far from the mainstream road. /Lars
  15. Anyone used a c14

    I've seen pictures of EQ6:s loaded with more than a C14 but when I put my C14 on a 2007 EQ6, 23 kg with the CGE dovetail, it didn't like it at all even though it was perfectly balanced. The sound of the motors made me take the C14 off at once and I wouldn't use it even for visual. Others may have different experiences but I'd recommend at least a CGE. If you can find one of these second-hand, especially the ones after 2006, you can probably use it even for imaging. Just my 2p. /Lars