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  1. The new Evostar ED 150 is coming out again tonight.

    1. emadmoussa


      So, you're amongst the first to get one. How's the performance? I'm tempted to get one, but worry it's just too long to use comfortably. 

    2. Owmuchonomy
  2. Just finished my third course 'Gravity'. 6 weeks of excellent content thanks to a Parisian University and George Smoot.

  3. Just started a new course. Astronomy: Exploring time and space. Uni of Arizona

  4. Passed my Coursera Intro to Astronomy course with 87.6%. Very enjoyable.

  5. Started fitting out new obsy. Drift align tonight hopefully.

  6. Waiting for better weather and to finalise obsy plans so ordered Rowan belt mod.

  7. Pier base is poured and bolts are in. Finalise obey plans next week.

  8. Replacement flattener but still eggs for breakfast! Can't get to the bottom of it.

  9. Duplicate flattener has arrived and so have the clouds.

  10. UK distributor agreed today to send me another flattener so hopefully no more eggs for breakfast.

  11. My first astronomy purchase from Screwfix today enables first white light of the Sun.

    1. allcart


      what on earth did you Buy?

    2. Owmuchonomy


      See my thread in DIY forum.

  12. That's a first for me, observing in just a jumper.

  13. All fired up to observe the Cygnus region but no clear skies. Yes you guessed it spent money on stuff. Mind you Sky Safari pro is half price at the moment!

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