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  1. Jonesee

    1st Time Moon Shots

    1st time of using my Celestron Astromaster 130EQ
  2. Welcom to SGL great shot of Orion
  3. Thank for the advice everyone and I might pick up some binoculars to my kit any advice on what size I would need
  4. Please can someone advise me on what eyepiece to view complete constellations I have a Celestron astromaster 130 eq with a 10mm and a 25mm but dont seem to view all of the constellation in my ep only part do I need a different size lens
  5. Just took this does look better now the lights fading
  6. All the way in looking at a chimney
  7. Does that mean that i have modded the cam ok? is it just a focus issue then.
  8. Im using a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ and i have tried different positions in the focuser from all in up to 3" out and still get the same image of green.
  9. No its was a torch that i took apart and fits the ep spot on
  10. This the only picture I am getting on sharp cap from the cam
  11. Jonesee

    Morning all

    Hi and welcome to SGL
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