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  1. Same here using averted vision but not an easy one now though hey! Only seven days ok it was still bright for me.
  2. Best tip I have for the EQ5/6 mount is to put some grease in with the bolts, mine was massively improved after this and made it so much easier to adjust. I find it hard to believe this isn't done at the factory, maybe they are worried the grease could end up getting on the optics later!?
  3. Haha, well you never know we could be! Great work you've done here, very clever stuff all round. Great choice in scope too!! (I have the 190 also).
  4. Luke, what camera did you use? DMK21?
  5. Some of the best lunar pics I have ever seen!
  6. BenDavis


    Well I received the anti mole bulbs and had planted them about a month ago and it looks like they are working! I was sceptical but fair enough they seem to be doing the job! So thank you Dave!
  7. To my pleasant surprise I can capture m82 with my skyris 618m, here is a single 30 second exposure taken 30 minutes ago. M82.bmp
  8. Think I'm lucky too and have got an hour or two clear sky here.
  9. I wondered who'd be the first!
  10. BenDavis

    Iphone 100314

    From the album: Lunar

    Iphone picture through 190MN

    © Ben Davis

  11. Haha.... well yes it is at the moment!
  12. I took some video last weekend: Well I think it's a bat, what do you think!?
  13. I'm sure we have all been there: Your all set-up outside with your expensive kit and pristine optics then all of a sudden its raining, not just a little its pouring! The haste to grab everything and try to get it inside a small shed door at once is not fun, although it would be highly amusing for an onlooker I'm sure! So has anyone tried: http://www.rain-alarm.com ?? I was thinking the other day there should be an astro community rain alarm system managed by well us I guess!? If this website works I'll use that instead. I'm going to give it a go from now on.
  14. Lol, a perfect combo with the astro! Just wish I could enjoy clouds that much, although when the suns blazing on the 'big high up' ones (yes that's a technical term) they look quite stunning and I probably would make some use of the scope on them to!
  15. The weather forecast looked promising, clear sky from 21.00, now its all cloud. Think I'm going to start a new hobby.... cloud gazing.
  16. Blimey! Well that's about an average house foundation level I guess!
  17. msg to self: stop looking at flo's ccd cams

    1. HumptyMoo


      Carry on looking, but, declare bankruptcy first :)

  18. Hi all, I have noticed flo do not sell the dbk range. Does anyone know why that would be? I am looking at buying an imaging source camera and the Bayer range seemed a good step in-between colour and mono? Thxs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. BenDavis


    Funny you should say that as I have previous history of explosives, but that's another story which I should really leave in the past! I have had a read and have ordered them, I'm not convinced to be honest but lets see what happens. Thanks
  20. BenDavis


    Haha, yeah its not too dissimilar to what I've felt like! Ah, thanks Dave I'll have a good read and probably order some. I noticed where the mole had appeared last and started digging the lawn up at 11.30 last night.... never found a mole though! I've made a right mess of the lawn now.
  21. BenDavis


    Ok, this is a little random but am I the only person who has had an issue with moles being attracted to my goto mount!? I have a couple of large slabs on the lawn which my mount sits on and the mole keeps digging all around after I have been using the Neq6, which is not very often due to the weather so I have easily seen a correlation between the two. I guess its down to noise of the motors turning the mount? Its was funny at first now its getting annoying! Anybody else had this issue or have any good tested mole removal tips!!? Thanks
  22. BenDavis

    Hi all at SGL

    Thank you all, I went for the Neq6 Pro, my original budget got blown away. I see you went for the Titan? I'm also tempted by it for planetary and moon shots, would you recommend it? It looks like Atik are about to launch another planetary camera so may hold off until then.
  23. BenDavis

    Hi all at SGL

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing through SGL for a while now finding many answers so firstly thank you! I was fairly heavily into astronomy all my child hood, at the peak I think all of my pocket money and some more went into processing 35mm films from AP, which I'm sure 95% ended up being blank!! Taking shots through a tasco 60mm with no adapter was interesting!! I did manage to get a few nice moon and planetary ones though, I'll have to dig them out and scan them on here for a laugh. Well that was 18 or so years ago, although I have kept my hand in now and again observing with the binos. I just recently bought the SW190mn as it seemed a good observation and AP scope. I have recently been researching for the right ccd kit, so many options! I think price unfortunately is going to be the ultimate decider! But that 460ex does look very nice!! Let hope this weather clears soon!! Ben
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