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  1. Reading the link, Prof Cox only refers to our galaxy or did I miss something?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I thought I heard a rumour last year that it was watching and following the Chinese space craft in orbit?
  3. Great thread, what an enjoyable journey to see.
  4. That picture caught my eye too, cracking dark sky though!
  5. That is really bad! I had similar problem with one street light so I emailed the council and they were really helpful. They asked their contractors to fit a shield but all they did was spray the back with black paint. So I emailed the same person at the council and they sent the contractors out again with a physical shield which does help a lot. The shield blocks 99% of the direct light into our garden now. The light is supposed to go off at 12.30 but there must be a fault with the timer and I didn't want to chance my luck by emailing the council again but I would ask for that too.
  6. Thought I'd had the best option by seeing it on abs and then buying on ebay but maybe not! I'll contact the seller and hopefully get it sorted, thanks everyone it helps to get your knowledge and opinions.
  7. Yes this is how I'm looking at it at the moment as I paid £1100 for a "spotless" camera which turns out to have a couple of column defects. If I knew before I would of rather paid the bit extra for a new one. Is it possible this can happen in transit? The couriers are not always too careful and the packaging was minimal.
  8. Thanks for the replies, yes there was a bias image on listing which is clear of any columns. I have added it into my gallery pics, under ebay folder.
  9. Hi All, I have just purchased a Atik 383 on ebay (first saw the listing on astro buy & sell) I have been looking all year and so didn't hesitate as the listing looked like a spotless camera even if the price was possibly a little high. First picture and there is a vertical white column, should I be concerned or just work round it with processing? I just feel the sale was not 100% correct as this was not mentioned and it stated everything was perfect. I will attach photos of sale and my results. http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/image/23681-m14-column/ Excuse my upload ignorance, I have added all images to my gallery on here on above link as don't know what I am doing! Any thoughts or advice greatly received, I'm rushing to type this as I am now late for work!! Thanks
  10. Hows the scope doing? Did it meet your expectations?
  11. Welcome Mark, not long and the darker nights will be here too which will improve the views.
  12. Good work, some nice detail coming through there.
  13. Great work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Ah I couldn't decide if I was going to give it a go tonight, in the end I have given it a miss there is so much moisture in the air and the clouds are due soon!
  15. BenDavis


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    From the album: DSO

  17. BenDavis


  18. BenDavis


    From the album: Lunar

  19. I have the rev x5 too and so far its been near to useless, even on the moon it's not been great so far. I have the rev x2.5 though and that seems ok but I'm now looking at buying a Televue Powermate but not sure how much they are worth it over the rev barlows for the money.... expensive things! I'm sure someone here will have an answer to this!?
  20. Revelation 15x70. Great binos for the money imo. I have seen all the planets with these (except Pluto), tripod is recommend but not impossible without.
  21. Do it! Concrete pier, problem solved. Just be carful when getting up and down at night, health and safety and all. Big mattress at the bottom maybe?Make that two! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. At least you have a power source near to use!!
  23. Stunning, the picture to me so oozes the power and beauty of the galaxy. You didn't use an Atik Olly? What is going on!?
  24. BenDavis

    no idea

    Hi and welcome, its a great place!
  25. Great pic! love the detail.
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