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    Video games, astronomy, philosophy, reading, war-gaming/pen and paper roleplay games, art (painting/pencil art).

    Think that about covers it...
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  1. Gareque


    Hi and welcome
  2. I forgot to ask also Steve, what refractors would you recommend? At the moment, I have got budget restrictions, so I am generally looking at around the £4-500 mark.
  3. But what is the difference between say, the EQ5 upgraded with the motors for an additional £90, £190 to make it a goto, and the EQ5 pro? I can't seem to find any real difference, other than a massive price increase. Also, the issue I have with refractors is that I have been informed by several people that to get a refractor of the same quality as say an 8" reflector, you wind up spending a lot more due to how they work. I've done some more research at work today as well and luckily, the Nikon I have is not one of the so-called star-eaters I read about, so at least that's something .
  4. Bit of a noobie question, but I am not sure exactly how long they last... Is the supernova likely to still be there over the next few months?
  5. Good afternoon folks, Being new and yet to buy my starting gear for astrophotography, I am just looking for some advice. Having been given some already by LeeWilky, I think I am mostly there (it's just the monetary commitment mainly!). It seems that all hands point to the SkyWatcher Explorer 200p with regards to OTA's and I've already got a Nikon D3100 for taking the shots (granted, unmodded at this stage) and I'll be getting the EQ-5 mount and upgrading it with the motors at a later point. With regards to image editing, I've got the full CS5 suite, so that should handle most needs. I believe
  6. Gareque

    Hi all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome .
  7. Gareque


    Hey there. New to this place myself . Seems friendly thus far!
  8. Gareque

    Hi everyone

    Hey there. New here myself
  9. Gareque


    A reflector will be cheaper to get a decent quality. Refractors are more mobile but require a much more expensive telescope. The one I am looking at getting at the moment is the Sky-Watcher Explorer 200p. Only costs approx. £400 inc. the EQ5 mount. Seems to be the best around for beginners!
  10. Gareque

    Hi all

    Hey everyone, I am looking at getting back into astronomy after about a 15 year hiatus... Not really had much chance since I was in school and, having a mate (also on the site) constantly posting images, it's inspired me to get back into it once more. I don't have a telescope yet, I'm currently looking at options for possible purchase in March, though the Sky Watcher Explorer 200p seems to be the winning contender at current! Any advice/comparisons worth checking out would be much appreciated . Gareque
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