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  1. Puzzled, as it works ok for me. Try this one http://www.astro-baby.com/astro_baby_DIY_astronomy_articles.htm. If that doesn't work, do a google for astro-baby.com Then go to the "Projects & DIY" articles.
  2. I'm going to follow Astro Baby's project and add a tube ring. http://www.astro-baby.com/articles/rotating%20rings/Rotating%20Rings%20Project.htm
  3. It runs on a very old laptop that I have, but there's 'triangular type' images round every star. I believe it's because the graphics chip isn't up to the job.
  4. When I polar aligned my scope (SW130m), I found it was no where near what it should be (53d 34m), for my location. I just assumed that the scale was misaligned and ignored it.
  5. Exactly. Should have made myself a bit clearer.
  6. I sank 3 bricks into the lawn; levelled the tripod & marked where the legs sat (during daylight, I hasten to add). Then did a polar align so I just have to take the rig out and plonk it on the marks.
  7. No problems at all with it, on my Win 7 64bit PC.
  8. And I bought one a month ago at £25.
  9. When did leaving street lights on all the time start? I can remember when they were always switched off at around 0030/0100hrs.
  10. This my first attempt at the moon, using SW130m + Canon EOS40D. 5 shots photomerged.
  11. I would have thought, given your budget, that you should look at the second hand Canon DSLR market.
  12. Hi & Welcome. I've just started at 65. Now trying to find my way around the sky, when the weather permits. btw. I too did a stint in the mob.
  13. Done it. Although it took a while to figure out the angle_rotatez figure. Also need to do a better panorama, at the moment there's a big hole under my feet showing the southern hemisphere! a bit of ground work needs to be done, me thinks.
  14. Brilliant! I was just googling 'Stellarium Landscapes' to find out if it was possible to put your own landscape in to Stellarium. Should have known you good people here at SGL would have already sorted the 'How To' for this.
  15. Managed a couple of hours with my new arrival; a Celestron 32mm. Really good view of Jupiter and it's moons.
  16. Received a Celestron Omni 32mm this morning. Hoping I can give it a whirl tonight.
  17. I too have this scope. Only had it out a couple of times since buying it in Jan, but it does seem an excellent beginners scope. The only problem (if you could call it such) that I have is when turning the tube to get the eyepiece in the right position. The tube slipped down a bit resulting in the balance being slightly off. I'm thinking of trying Astro Baby's diy simple rotating ring system http://www.astro-baby.com/articles/rotating%20rings/Rotating%20Rings%20Project.htm
  18. CozyScaley

    Hi All

    Hello Everyone. I'm a complete novice at stargazing having just bought my first telescope; a Skywatcher Explorer 130. I live in North Lincolnshire and have been retired for 9 years now. I'm also a keen photographer (mainly nature), so hope to get into a bit of astrophotography. But I thought I'd just get used to using the telescope and finding my way a round the night sky, before attempting this. I'm sure there'll lots of info on this subject from those who are experts at this.
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