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  1. Puzzled, as it works ok for me. Try this one http://www.astro-baby.com/astro_baby_DIY_astronomy_articles.htm. If that doesn't work, do a google for astro-baby.com Then go to the "Projects & DIY" articles.
  2. I'm going to follow Astro Baby's project and add a tube ring. http://www.astro-baby.com/articles/rotating%20rings/Rotating%20Rings%20Project.htm
  3. It runs on a very old laptop that I have, but there's 'triangular type' images round every star. I believe it's because the graphics chip isn't up to the job.
  4. When I polar aligned my scope (SW130m), I found it was no where near what it should be (53d 34m), for my location. I just assumed that the scale was misaligned and ignored it.
  5. Exactly. Should have made myself a bit clearer.
  6. I sank 3 bricks into the lawn; levelled the tripod & marked where the legs sat (during daylight, I hasten to add). Then did a polar align so I just have to take the rig out and plonk it on the marks.
  7. No problems at all with it, on my Win 7 64bit PC.
  8. And I bought one a month ago at £25.
  9. When did leaving street lights on all the time start? I can remember when they were always switched off at around 0030/0100hrs.
  10. This my first attempt at the moon, using SW130m + Canon EOS40D. 5 shots photomerged.
  11. I would have thought, given your budget, that you should look at the second hand Canon DSLR market.
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