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  1. Thanks for all the info and advice guys your all very helpful. I think I will be going into The Widescreen Centre either tomorrow or Friday to have an up close and personal look at some scopes and see what's what and just how big they are face to face.
  2. Ah ...... Not the scope for me then as I'm more interested in deep sky as opposed to planetary. I have to confess this is all a million times harder than I ever would have thought trying to pick out a scope could ever be.
  3. Just been looking on the FLO site and to get the 100ED would only be £10 more as it comes with a 0.85x reducer which would have to be bought desperately of I got the 80ED. So would I be right in thinking for £10 more the 100ED is a no brainer ?
  4. Thanks for the replies and info guys. To be honest it would be primarily for AP and mobility is rather important to me as I haven't much space at home. I would be looking at DSO more so than planetary and lunar.
  5. I'm not sure what ever comes with the kit from FLO. ...... Includes 2”/50.8mm Di-Electric Star Diagonal, 2" 28mm LES eyepiece, 9x50 finderscope and Aluminium case. It is going to be my first telescope but thought I would rather but more expensive than buy twice. I will be using it for AP but that's a different topic I'm merely asking about viewing here. Thanks Joel
  6. Ok the question I pose to ask is simply .......... What could I expect to view with this scope and mount ?
  7. LeeWilky ...................... just a little bigger than I thought they are HAHA I wil purchase a second house for mine when I finally decide on what one I get
  8. Thanks for that clears things up for me and makes a lot of sense as you have said with long exposures I can see the importance in keeping the scope aligned with said object. I am starting to think that if I had to choose between viewing and taking some photos I would lean more toward capturing images. What is the ED80 like as a viewing scope ?
  9. wow ! just looked at the HEQ5 and was not expecting such a price tag to be attached to the mount. Is it imperative to have the HEQ5 as opposed to just the EQ5 ?
  10. Is it possible to have one mount for two scopes to cover both viewing and AP ?
  11. Makes a lot of sense with what your saying and especially with focal length as there is less margin for error just as with normal photographs with a long zoom any slight movement ends up with a lot of disruption. I already have a canon 500d and 60d I know neither are ccd but its a start and don't want to plunge thousands of pounds in just yet. Is an 80ed a refractor scope ? Are they any good for deep-sky use? Obviously the cheaper I can start off with the better I'm looking in the region of £350-£750 all in I'm thinking at the moment.
  12. thanks for the warm welcome guys really appreciate it . I think like as said before going and actually seeing theses scopes in the flesh or should I say metal and see just exactly how big, easy to use, portable, well built and what does what and overall price is going to be the best option as to not make the wrong decision. Does anyone know of any other shops I could go to that are a little closer to windsor ? thanks Joel
  13. when you say this you mean the bigger the aperture the better to give a lover f stop. So a newtonian would be preferred over a catadioprtic however if you can have long exposures surely the aperture isn't as much of an issue ?
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