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  1. AndreasR

    Problem with the meridian flip

    @Graeme, no i didn't have the reserve-switch on. I tried the same situation with and without the ao and even with the original phd. I will try to improve my polar alignment. Because it's not good. But i hang to the question why it only affects one half of the flip-side. Andreas
  2. AndreasR

    Problem with the meridian flip

    Hi Graem, yes it looses the DEC-direction first. Last night i tryed to get a better polar alignment (via alignmaster). I wasn't too pleased with the result but it was better than bevor. I than rebuild a 18 point sky model. Here i faced the situation, that after about 5 synchronisations the following made a little jump after the synch. I had that already before but it disapeared again. So i don't have an explanation for that behavior. Perhaps this software-communication might be the cause for the problem. But i have no idea where to look for. Regards Andreas
  3. Hello, i've got a problem with the meridian flip in the combination sgpro mesu-200 phd2 with svx-ao The guiding works well until i have to flip the mount (about 1 o'clock). i have to mention that i'm tracking a high object at that time (NGC 7635). My setup isn't that precise that i can trust on the automatic flip via plate solve (Which works enough to find the object in normal contitions). After the flip, even if i recalibrate the ao the guiding star runs away after some 1-2 minutes. Any idea were to look for ? Especially in the combination of switching direction after flip in Sitech, PHD2 and/or SGP ? Even after an hour when the difference should be large enough i can not get a good result (Actually i'm also tired at that time :-). Of course a solution could be to wait until the object gets a little lower in the year. But i don't understand why the tracking works before the flip and doesn't afterwards. Thanks in advance for every hint Andreas

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