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  1. Thanks Peter, that’s very kind. I had a look at your website and I will definitely drop in past on my way home if the sky is clear. Photogav, I’m planning visiting Aushwitz and then heading down to Maranello to visit the Ferrari museum so I won’t be far away from Val D’Aosta, thanks for that suggestion, I’ll have a read up on that.
  2. I’m going to do a 1 or 2 month tour of Europe in my camper van this spring and I would like to visit a planetarium either in Europe or the UK, preferably avoiding London and Paris or other major cities with low emission zones. I visited the planetarium in London when I was a child and thoroughly enjoyed it but I see it is now closed. I am planning to visit the space centre in Leicester on my way home which seems to get mixed reviews regarding having a lot aimed at children. I was surprised at how many planetariums there actually are with a google search. Can anyone recommend one, o
  3. I don't have a levelling plate, the adapter plate is only to fix my mount to my pier
  4. That would certanly save a LOT of hassle. I have been speaking to Altair Astro and even after seeing my photo they think I can flip the one I have. I'm not convinced the centre hole is big enough but it will be another 3 weeks before I'm home. Do you know if the ID of the centre hole is bigger for the NEQ6 than the EQ5 side?
  5. Thanks StevieDvd I kind of feared that. I've concreted nuts in my pier for my anchor bolts (6 of them!) so I guess there's nothing else I can do but chip 6 inches of the concrete out and reset my anchors in to suit a new adapter plate. Wuthton, the block of wood in the concrete was to allow room for me to get my fat fingers in to tighten the centre bolt and the adapter plate was levelled with shims to eliminate the need for a potentially wobbly levelling plate. It works (worked) pretty well, it would have been much easier to rectify this with a levelling plate though. Apologies for the upsid
  6. Thanks Wuthton The guy I spoke to seemed pretty sure I could flip it over. I'm not at home at the moment so I can't really try anything else but do some research online. When I tried it upside down the centre of my mount wouldn't fit through the centre hole of the adapter - it's a smaller hole on the other side, and like I mentioned above, if I bolted it down from the other side the top of the Allen key bolts would sit above flush of the plate. You should be able to see what I mean in this photo - I don't know why these ipad photos seem to attach upside down but you'll get the idea- this is
  7. Like the title suggests I'm looking for some pier adapter help. I have a concrete pier with an Altair Astro mount adapter fitted to the top. I have recently changed my EQ5 for an NEQ6 which doesn't fit my old adapter. I have contacted Altair Astro who told me it should fit if I turn the adapter upside down but it doesn't (also, then the mounting bolts wouldn't be countersunk) Does anyone know what the difference is between the adapters, the photos on all the websites are a little vague when it comes to these adapters and I've seen them with 4 or 6 anchor bolts - or just which one I need to ord
  8. Pretty bored at work so I've gone into detail with planning quantities of materials so I can get right into building when I get home. I've just started a new job and they've posted my passport away for a visa so I could be here another 5 weeks in the worst case. I should be able to plan it down to the last nail and screw at this rate. I can see this 3 sided front causing rigidity challenges, I'm also going to have 3 drop down flaps on the south face so I won't be able to scrimp on materials or build quality, I'm going to make the frame out of 4x2. I'm sure I can build it rigid enough to work,
  9. The more I read the more I'm thinking it's the the measurement of the holes for the base you're looking for, I really should read these posts better before I post because I can't find an edit button on my ipad. Anyway if you need any dimensions of the adapter plate let me know. Good luck!
  10. Just re-read your post and realised it's not the adapter plate you are talking about, does the pier have the adapter plate on the top? If so and it's the 6 hole one let me know and I can give you the measurement.
  11. Hi, I've just finished my pier with an AltairAstro adapter plate for an EQ5 http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/211161-mowbss-observatory-build/ Is that the one you are talking about with the 6 bolts? I believe they do another with 4 bolts. I have a vernier calliper so I can give you an accurate measurement tomorrow, do you need the measurement between two opposing of the 6 holes? I presume you are preparing the pier before you have the adapter, I drilled through my adapter plate and put my bolts through to make my template. I'd be interested to know how you are planning to attach the adapter
  12. The pier is complete! I mixed up some mortar - (3 parts building sand to 1 part cement) and filled the last few mm, it was much nicer to work with than the concrete and gave a really nice finish to the top of the pier. I might give it a coat of white masonry paint later to blend it in to the plastic pipe but I'm really happy with how the white pier looks with the Skywatcher. The level of my adapter plate is very slightly off. From previous posts I read while researching my build the general opinion is that the level being slightly off will not affect the scope when it is set up but I would lik
  13. The pier is taking shape. The main hold up has been that I wanted to align my azimuth stop bolt with Polaris and I haven't seen Polaris in quite a while. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but the fog started rolling in from the south as it was getting dark. Luckily I had enough time to mix up a batch of concrete and align my captive nuts. I used a 1.5m length of 8" plastic duct (£20 from eBay) for the pier, 1 bag of cement and 4 x 1.5m of 10mm re-bar hammered into the ground. I got the welder from work to knock me up anchors for the M8 nuts of the adapter plate to concrete into the top of t
  14. Thanks everybody, There are some great suggestions and things I hadn't really thought about in those replys and it's given me a lot to ponder on. I agree the hexagonal front will affect the strength of the structure, I've also been thinking of fitting 3 drop down flaps on the 3 front panels which would again comprimise the structure but I'm sure as dmahon says, it could be engineered out. Anyone who has used the EDPM for roofing material, do you think it would be possible to use it on a roof of that shape? I was thinking about the possibility of folding the excess at the angles of the roof and
  15. Here's an update of the plan, much the same as before but this one looks like it might stand up to a breeze slightly better and the pitched roof has been shortened over a flatter warm room roof, influenced by r3i's build. A ruler was found and used for this one. Hopefully I can find a tape measure before I start on the real thing or it will look more like the first sketches
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