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  1. Red 354, Mon to Sun Unfortunately no 18" dob this year as it's having it's Primary mirror reworked and re-coated so going to attempt a bit of imaging instead.
  2. Hi Andy, Downloaded latest version of Artemis CCD (version 4.2) and Dawn will now open files. Just need to learn how to take some decent images now, I feel like I'm at the bottom of a steep learning curve can't wait to get started. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated All the best Ron
  3. Hi Andy, I have just checked and my Artemis capture is version 3.07 so looks like that may be the problem. I will download the latest version and try again when we get a clear night. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks Ron
  4. Hi there, I've just got round to using an ATIK 314L+ that I bought last year, took some test images last night so was not expecting much to start with. I've also just downloaded Dawn off the Atik web site so it's the latest version, Dawn runs OK but when I try to load the ATIK FITS file into Dawn I get an error message 'Error loading FITS File - image not recognised as an ATIK image'. The camera is a few years old and I did load the capture software off the CD that came with the camera, is it possible that Dawn is not compatible with ATIK series 3 camera software? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Ron
  5. Rocketron

    Images Jupiter

    Images taken from Windmill Hill Observatory Worcestershire
  6. It is indeed a sad day and a great loss to us all. Like many others all over the world Patrick has had a big influence on my interest in Astronomy. I was fortunate to visit him at his home recently and shared a glass of wine on that occasion. He was the perfect host and a true gentleman and I count myself lucky to have such a special memory of the great man. Rest in peace Sir Patrick, we will miss you.
  7. Just checked with my local store and they have only got one left, so have put my name on it and will collect on way home from work. Cheers
  8. Cheers Gina, Sounds just the job, think I will pick one up over the weekend. All the best Ron
  9. Would I be correct in assuming that you run a 12v supply cable from the regulated power supply to a seperate box with the XLR Chassis Mounting Plug Connectors fixed, Then use the male plugs on the end of your equipment leads to plug into the box mounted connectors.
  10. Thanks Gina, I'm familiar with Phono connectors, what do the XLR connectors look like? Cheers
  11. Hi all, I have currently been using one of these http://www.caravanca...large-986-p.asp to power my NEQ6 mount and dew heaters in the Observatory. Not too happy about the security of old 12v type car plug Also I want to also run a CCD camera and Autoguider so thought I'd get a regulated power supply. I am looking at one these http://www.maplin.co...power-units-231 , just not sure which one to go for 3A, 5A or 7A. Any advice please, or maybe there is a better alternative you can recommend. Thanks Ron
  12. Hi all, Had a great week at Kelling Heath, a few windy nights, I thought the tent was going to blow away on Monday night of last week (out banging pegs back in at 2.30am in the rain) Friday night was fantastic, the transparency was excellent, saw some of my first mag 14 and 15 galaxies in the Dob. just like to say hi and thanks to many old and new friends who also made it such a great week especially Clive, James (306), Kim and Di (307), Michael from Worcester, Dave (304), Carl & Jeff from Walsall and Owen. Although purely visual I managed to snap a few pictures early on Saturday morning with the DSLR, hope you like them. Roll on next year. Ron
  13. Rocketron

    Kelling Sept 2012

    The night sky at Kelling Heath September 2012
  14. Thanks Steve, That helps to explain why the EFW 2 is such a costly piece of kit. I think I am going to wait a while until I can fund a new EFW2, I've got a few bits and pieces of astro gear not being used so looks like a good excuse for a clear out. By the way, my mother bought me 'Making every photon count' for last Christmas, she was ever so pleased to receive a letter addressed in person to her with the book. Excellent book Steve, I would highly recommended it to anyone with an interest in astro-photography. All the Best Ron
  15. Can anyone tell me the difference between the old style Atik EFW filter wheel and the latest EFW2. I have got the chance of a nice used EFW, just not sure how good they are compared to a new and mega expensive EFW2. Cheers Ron
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