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  1. A few thoughts...

    Observing reports – award for the most engaging and imaginative descriptions  (you don’t need a camera for this, but could be fun..!)

    Sun dogs/Halos

    Moon Halos

    Green Flash

    Brocken Spectres


    Multiple star systems – star colours!

    Oh and absolutely revisit the old ones, new year new conditions, new targets lots still to do!



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  2. 13 hours ago, Paz said:

    I did see the moon/m44 event. I was so absorbed in just seeing them together that looking out for occultations didn't occur to me at the time - doh!

    I was watching the Moon/M44 conjunction with a pair of 70mm bins, from the back garden.. watched until HIP 42542 was occulted.  I probably should of set the scope up, but it was quite relaxing, laying back on a chair with the bino's (on a stand) in front.  I have to say, for a £60 pair, the opticron Oregon 70x15 are a great buy, very pleasing image.

  3. After missing out what appeared to be a wonderful clear, transparent night on Wednesday I made sure I wasn't going to miss out on last nights clear forecast.  I set up the Frac on the skyteeII, first time use with the Iroko Tripod and new Whittled EP tray.  The intent was just to test the set up with the Skytee, as normally  I've favoured ,and been spoilt with, a lovely tracking vixen GP mount, so I fancied a change to the simplicity of Alt-Az.

    Targeting the moon for a short session I took in a number of terminator delights, I found the following areas particularly captivating

    • Rima Ariadaeus
    • the finger of Albategnius as the the illuminated side projected into the dark of the crater basin
    • Montes Caucasus and the hint of structure to the Aristoteles crater Wall

    However the one thing that really grabbed my attention, was the watching the moons apparent motion.  Assumingly as I was observing in non astro dark the non-illuminated disk, showed a lovely hint of earth shine, which allowed you to see opposite limb slowly encroaching the faintest of stars, until "pop" the moon passed in front, and the star disappeared out of view behind the non illuminated limb,  I counted 4 stars pop out last night before I headed in, it reminded me packman, hence the title, chasing little white orbs around the sky.

    It should be clear here for tomorrow night, when the moon should pass close to the Beehive cluster, if last night was anything to go by, that should be a good show!

    Clear Skys



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  4. That sounds like a grand day the three of you had. 

    I was in full intention of setting up last night, but alas after leaving work early, I was presented with every obstacle in the known universe "can you stop at shops, can you put bath on and wash the kids, can you feed the little one, my car needs washing off, the birds have been "at it again", can you put washing in the dryer..... we all know how it goes sometimes.

    Then I couldn't find the three hex bolts for the piller extension to sky tee, that took 30mins..  Gave up after that like an idiot! 

    Stepped out at about 22:30, the sky looked unbelievable from where I was.. from what I can see in your sketch, it wasn't too shabby at all!

    Not all bad, I also had stir-fry for tea!

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  5. So I've done routed and notched, drilled sanded and stained.. just 1 slip with the router which I'm a little disappointed with, but it's not a total disaster!!

    Teak eyepiece tray.. done! 

    Not a bad match to the iroko, same stain combo used.. happy with that I think!








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  6. Last year the DIY bug bit me again, and I set about making some wooden tripod legs for an EQ5 tripod/Skytee2 mount I have.

    One thing that has always bugged me is the lack of any sort of equipment tray.  Sure I could have sourced a second hand wooden “ash” tray but to be honest it would have irked me that it wasn’t similar to in appearance to the tripod.

    The Tripod was constructed using a teak alternative, named Iroko, the build thread can be found here..

    Previously I have used Bowl Blanks from the same wood as the tripod, bowl blanks used by “whittlers” to form wooden trays, bowls, plates and spoons.  A bit of sanding, some 37mm holes drilled through and you have a quick and simple EP tray. 

    Sounds simple enough, however I’ve not been able to find an Iroko blank of sufficient diameter or thickness to date.

    During an Ebay browse, I came across an actual Teak blank, slightly thicker, slightly smaller in diameter than I wanted, but as I’ve seen nothing over the last year I jumped at it..

    Said Teak Blank was delivered last week.


    As you can see from the picture below, it is a quite reasonable match, unstained bowl blank against the stained tripod, so I’m hopeful it will blend well, once completed.


    The blank is 40mm thick, so the plan is as follows,

    1, route out 10mm channels to the underside, so it sits on to the tripod spreader. 

    2, the blank is 225mm diameter, so im going to remove 10mm by 200mm (ish) to provide a small wall to the top side of the tray, stop things rolling off.

    3, cut approximately 5 no 37mm diameter, x 10mm deep rounds to accommodate the EP’s, with the remaining area for filters, coffee cups and the like. 

    Rough Sketches to follow at some point today...

    I’ve ordered a new 37mm forstner Bit for the Job, and I’ve the same combination of stain for the wood, ready to go, hopefully I should be giving this a go next weekend, or at least starting it!

    In the meantime, I’ll be giving the wood tripods a quick coat over, try to do this every year to maintain the protection on them..


    BTW I would be interested to see opinions on what makes a good EP tray, other than EP sockets, any other usefull space for other things. for instance a notch to carry a wine glass or the like..?




    EP plans.pdf

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  7. 20 minutes ago, Fraunhoffer said:

    A bit if brass trim to go with it would make a nice 'steampunk' eyepiece tray.


    That's near enough to be a winner.... no brass, but yeah a new EP tray for the Iroko Tripod I made last year!

    I know, I Know... exciting times!

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