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  1. The dimensions as promised, in stored position. Skywatcher 250px:- Height - 135cm Base + side handles - 60cm Weight - Approx 30kg. Whilst it is possible to lift complete I usually inscrew the handles, take out the base then bring the tube out seperate. This fits together very easy and can be done even in the dark. This limits the chances of tripping with the complete scope outside. If you get chance I would recommend go to look at one 1st though but plan ahead where it will be stored as you wouldn't want it damaged whilst stored away waiting for a clear night. My other half would of had a fit
  2. When I get chance, hopefully later, what i'll do is give you the exact measurements if that helps?
  3. I have recently purchased the 250px solid tube. Can't comment on the differences but the solid tube is a beast. Make sure you know how big this is and think of where you will store this when not in use. I can manage to move this around on my own but wouldn't attempt anything bigger unless there are more than just yourself. Living in the midlands there is a distinct lack of dark sites so this is used in the back garden as well.
  4. cheers all, valuble information. I figured filters were all the same just different qualities/manufacturers. So I have a moon filter already which filter would anyone recommend? Lets not go nuts please with pricing. Light pollution - bortle scale is probably more 7 than 6. Using Skywatcher 250px solid tube.
  5. Without hijacking the thread what effect does light pollution have on these, how many are practical from the midlands?
  6. I was out last night and it seems to be getting worse and worse around here. Bright Glow from Coventry to the south and Birmingham west. There are also plans for 400 houses a stones throw from me. Must be a nightmare in large Cities. Will it come to a point where Astronomy just isn't worth bothering with due to light pollution?
  7. Brilliant but at the same time sad to watch. When I went the to USA for the 1st time mid '90s we drove down from LA to Vegas passing through Death valley in the evening and had to pull over at look up. Although I wasn't into astronomy at the time you couldn't help being amazed or appreciate the views.
  8. Its tempting. Good views here, few of us outside in carpark at work
  9. Very little cloud here just north of Coventry, would have taken this day or 2 ago. Almost perfect conditions
  10. Collimating can be very daunting the 1st time you do it. I recently purchased a Skywatcher 250px and knew the day would come when I would have a tackle it. Tried it and I think I managed it without messing everything up. Tested it last night & even with a bright moon I could see an improvement in the views. The moon was that bright last night I could read the writing on the side of the eyepieces without the need for a red light. I would say do your research and read up before tackling it & give yourself loads of time, dont expect it to take 10 minutes the 1st time you do it, could be o
  11. Signed. We have someway to go to get the required number of signatures though.
  12. Found it easy enough on Stellarium but it did require an update to the databse. Any idea how long we will get for good views and Lovejoy? Weather hopeless around here, half a chance for couple of hours Friday.
  13. Good article cheers. Now I have stepped into the world of serious scopes any tips for someone recently upgraded to a Skywatcher 250px, what are the 'must see' 1st without getting to complicated just yet.
  14. Sorry all, I'll take the blame this time. Bought skywatcher 250px 2 weeks ago & its been sitting in the corner of our lounge for a week. Haven't even had chance to find out if it works yet! Not going to happen next few days either if forcast is anything to go by.
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