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  1. ... that meets on Saturdays or Sundays. I am moving onto night shift from Feb 10th, but still on Mon-Fri pattern (I'll finish my last shift on Sat morning). I had a look at websites and from what I read, they only meet on Friday evenings. Could some members confirm if this is the case? Are Fridays really the only days for meet ups? Any pointers will be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Cheshire for me as well. Simple yet effective.
  3. Thank you for remarks about my Orion. I guess it could be ok for first attempt, but I really want more ?. Then again, with my rig it was quite difficult, mainly due to wind. Here it is minus Tx that I used to release shutter. Thank you you all for chipping in. Guess the next step is mount and the book ?
  4. @dannybgoode I am looking at this mount EQ6-R PRO. For this moment it is way out of budget, but with 20kg payload for imaging I could use 200P or invest in Quattro. Alternatively, I could use 200P for time being while saving up for triplet. Truth be told, the more I read, the more ideas I have and more money I need :D. @alacant I looked for astro clubs in my area and found fairly few, once my situation with work is finally resolved (I'm moving onto nightshift soon, just don't know the start date or shift pattern yet) I will visit some. Star parties and observing sessions are one thing, but I'd be very interested in lectures as well.
  5. I’m hoping my mrs won’t need hers, she has two healthy kidneys I could monetise ?? @jjosefsenit really is, I’ve read this thread and still think what to do next. In the meantime I’ll have few additional hours at work so have plenty of time to consider my options - with current workload I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go shopping ?. I like the simplicity of this little unit and possibility to use manual lenses with adapter.
  6. Thank you all for input. I totally forgot about about the book mentioned here, even though I know it’s very good and valuable. I will get it this week, work permitting. @scotttumsh thank you for kind comment . @Davey-T that looks very interesting. Results certainly caught my eye and I’ll look more into it. With that mount I’d be able to start within a week or two if all goes according to plan, cheers for that.
  7. Hi all. It's been a while since my last visit here. I do observe every now and then, but would love to get into astrophotography. As it's the case with absolute newbies, I don't have any gear at all for this purpose, except for Nikon D810. I tried to go out with it last night. It was paired with N50mm 1.8G, on mini tripod nicked from spotting scope. Conditions were terrible, strong winds, clouds coming and going, light pollution and rain. I still managed to get few subs, however I'm not exactly happy with result. My processing also killed it. Total of 17 subs, 6", f/2.8, ISO 640, 13 lights, 4 darks, manually stacked in PS. Orion by Tom Major Now I would like to switch to a bit more serious gear. I thought about getting mount first - SW HEQ5PRO, but can I attach DSLR to it before I get scope for imaging? What would be the best way of gradually progressing from DSLR to refractor? Obviously the main factor is the cost and other half not killing me after finding out about my spending on toys (again), so I'd be buying all gear separately - mount, scope, guider etc... Cheers
  8. I managed to find M31 using Heritage 100P, in moderately light polluted area. I'd say it's not down to equipment mate. Took me a while to find it and it's better to use lower mangification. It is also quite dim object and not that easy to spot if you don't know what it looks like . Be patient and keep trying, you'll find it .
  9. Then you'll have to cool it down again. I'd say for as long as it doesn't affect the observation, leave it outside, but wait till someone more experienced chips in...
  10. Thanks Alan . Taking baby steps forward so far, but must admit would like to get deeper into in .
  11. A bit of letdown at 150x? I was amazed when looked at it at 100x . You'll have to wait a bit to see some more of Mars as folks before me mentioned. But now you could wait a bit (or wake up early??) for Jupiter. I've seen it last night and even with my modest gear it completely blew my socks off . 4 moons and some colours were easily visible at 100x magnification . And just before sunrise you may catch a glimpse of Saturn and Mercury too. Good luck with the hunt. BTW, who bought new scope in Midlands?!? I can't remember seeing so much clouds over here...
  12. Or you could put a T-ring on it and try some extreme plane spotting with DSLR
  13. Hello folks. After little break tried to have some time outside. Sky was crystal clear and I only noticed rising Moon when gone outside. Almost every object I pointed my scope on was so washed off it was simply pointless, so I focused on our satellite. Can't remember when I saw it so bright, few seconds without filter on EP and my eyes were out of service. Anyway, it looked amazing so I took few snaps. One with filter, one without. Both taken using Heritage 100P and Sony Xperia Miro, afocal method. Given the gear, I am happy with the effect . Thanks for watching.
  14. Of course it didn't mate . And by no means I wanted to show I am Alpha and Omega when it comes to riding, just thought of the closest analogy to me, but am learning every day, so please don't get that bit wrong. Every day is a school day after all . It sure is . Folks that I just quoted are very good example of what I was talking about in previous post. Hats off to you all (not mentioned too!) gents!
  15. Not too sure if it was aimed in some way at me, but kind of feels like it. What can I say, time in the hobby surely matters. You are in it over 50 years, me - maybe few weeks. It seems obvious that even the easiest things can cause problems to some newcomers and astronomy is not exactly that easy to catch up within few days. Add to the whole picture few factors like free time to spare, weather conditions, any kind of commitments and I'm sure many folks would struggle even with one proper, long session. Of course once you reach some certain level it is hard to believe how many people might struggle with achieving this, as it is all so simple... I ride bikes for just over 2 years now, but done over 60k miles in all weather conditions including snow, ice and winds so strong that lorries were being thrown on their sides, done long distance riding, done charity runs and big group rideouts - including two abreast wheel to wheel, but at the same time have mates with full licences that do 1k, maybe 1.5k miles per year and some that just started. Their skills are not on very high level, especially in difficult conditions. I am able to drag my knee when they are affraid to lean cause it could make them lose grip and lowside. They tend to ask many questions like 'when should I brake?' (it's not as silly as it sounds!) etc, but I never thought it gives me right to judge them, or to ditch biking as skills of others (what???) are not on same level as mine and it is sad and shocking. I always thought that any kind of hobby is nice if it can be shared, but looking at this part I am a bit puzzled. Anyway, just looking at this thread, which of course is not one of the most interesting/clever ones, or any other thread that I posted - anyone can easily see how many experienced and helpful folks are sticking around. Thanks to them forum and hobby can thrive and get newbies interested, for they have one thing in common. Sharing knowledge and experience with others instead of looking up own arses. I looked for it in similar way with 25mm EP. Took me ages first time
  16. I found it exactly as Charic has pictured it. After few attempts I know more or less where it's located, just need few seconds to find it. Leo82 - I have top box, tank bag and army style rucksack . Won't be a problem to take binos with me, was thinking more about telescope. However I think it would have to wait till I get a car as it's just too big and too fragile to safely transport it on the bike. The way back from shop was simple enough, but scope was in original packaging so I just strapped it to the back seat and top box and it was all good, but wouldn't risk it now... Now you all made me quite eager to visit some darker sites, can only imagine it must look amazing! Looking at photo uploaded here and few others, also reading what was said here I am more and more certain that I saw Andromeda. Thank you all for helping me solving this little mystery . So to summarize, now I need bigger scope, binos, better EPs, cat B and a car.... that escalated quickly .
  17. When I finally found it, it was thrilling indeed, it's the first galaxy I've ever seen after all . A lot of good info here, thank you all very much!. Looks like I will have to pack the scope and go to a darker place. Within about 10-15 minutes riding there is at least few spots that are much less polluted, might be worth giving it a shot. Only thing I'd need to figure out is how to pack and unpack gear quickly on the motorcycle, but am motivated so it won't be a problem . Also very good idea about binos. When they were my one and only observing aid, I felt fairly limited in many aspects, but now could think of some moments they would be useful. But this brings another question - what magnification should I look for? Go for typical astro binoculars and get ie Celestron Skymaster 20x80? Or something smaller? I know they weight a little bit, but could always use them with monopod or tripod. Cheers
  18. Sharing the passion with kids is one of greatest feelings ever. My little boy is riding bikes, but daughter is increasingly interested in space
  19. Thank you all very much for quick responses. When I saw it first time I used 25mm. Regarding light pollution, Moon was quite bright at over 50% and I have some human lights reaching my yard - three street lights and neighbour that never seems to turn her lights off and doesn't use curtains. Regarding size, it was maybe 1/5th, maybe 1/4th of the diameter of 25mm EP. Then I changed it to 4mm and couldn't see anything, so popped 10mm in - then I could just see it about 2/3 of the diameter, but it was very faint. Another observation was done just few minutes ago, Moon hid away and neighbour used dimmer light, so I could see much more - in fact so much that I got lost! Can't say 'my' galaxy was much brighter, but still saw fuzzy light in the middle and some dust. Sadly I can't make out even a hint of Milky Way... Looks like I may have underestimated LP on the outskirts of my village. Cheers. Edit - similar question... Is anyone able to tell what M43 looks like? I saw charts and checked Stellarium, but can't make out this particular shape of coma...
  20. Evening folks. Could someone tell me please, what would Andromeda Galaxy look like in 4 inch scope? Was looking for it now, found it, but it was very dim, could barely make it up. I am sure I have seen a galaxy, I know that Moon doesn't help with seeing, but would it be so faint that it was barely noticeable? Had a look at Stellarium and my charts and am confused now... Could it be Andromeda or more likely M32 or M110? Cheers
  21. That sounds like a lot of hassle to get two numbers . I would really encourage trying Google maps, quick and simple, with accuracy down to the tree in my backyard .
  22. I have H100, so maybe you'll find my post useful . Currently with the scope I have stock EPs and bought one Skywatcher Planetary UWA 58* 4mm. The most I use 25mm and 10mm that were supplied with scope. 4mm is good enough for Moon or planets, but I find it hard to focus and image is a bit less than pin sharp. To split Mizar a and b I use all three EPs, in 25mm I can just see tiny companion, it looks better with 10mm, 4mm increases the gap, but is a bit overkill (still good to align finder though - if I have object in 4mm, I'll have it in all others ). If you have a choice, instead of using the stock Barlow that would serve much better as a shot glass, just get EP of desired focal lenght. I've read somewhere that you shouldn't go lower with EP's focal lenght than your aperture - ie, if your scope is f/5, get yourself 5mm planetary EP. That's why I got 4mm, don't think this little scope would perform well with shorter focal lenght EPs. I think I would recommend SW UWA planetary if you just want to reach out a bit further, but don't expect fireworks. I am finding more and more that I could use something about 15mm as well as better 10mm. Here come to play either TV plossls or Explore Scientific 82* that I intend to get in very near future...
  23. Check with google maps - find your postcode there and you should see coordinates as well.
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