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  1. Hi jambouk, the camera is a Canon powershot a3000. I manualy recorded a 10 minute video (I think, cant remember) of saturn that night.. then I worked around with the wavelets from registax. I am gonna try when the night is absolutely clear, although from where I live, saturn never stands to high. Thanks for the feedback
  2. Hi Atreta thanks for the feedback, I have an adapter to hold the camera to the eyepiece. As for the scope itself, its a 200p dob and the tracking is manual
  3. Hi everyone Here is my last photo of saturn. This shot actualiy has some time now, and I was using a 25mm eyepiece with barlow for afocal shot. It seems I cant get a good shot with the 10mm eyepiece given by the starter kit of the 200p dob. Thinking of an upgrade for a more powerfull magnification eyepiece (I am mostly a planetary observer), altough I want to get the maximum I can get with the starter kit I have right now. So do you have any recomendation? Are there some eyepiece ( <= 10mm ) that worth an upgrade, or your 10mm, if you have any, does a good job? Thanks you guys, and clear
  4. Hi you can see my examples: It was taken by a skyliner 200p dob with a simple powershot camera holding from a universal adapter. Then I worked around with registax Cheers
  5. Nuno


  6. Im glad that it inspired you Its amazing what we can get with such simple cameras.. In the next sessions I will try to get a lot more frames and continue to study techniques that will improve the quality of the photos that we get
  7. Thanks iksobarg I use jpg to post on this forum duo to the size of the file It was a Cannon Powershot A3000.. its a old digital camera that my family has Thanks purdo This is my second attempt to imagem Saturn. The first try was with too much wind and clouds and didnt turn out well x) In the future I am thinking of buying a new eyepiece with better performance cuz my setup is basically the 10mm and 20mm eye piece that came with the 200p dob and a 2x barlow. I am yet to decide wich eyepiece should I go for this type of astrophotos Cheers
  8. Hi guys Heres my Saturn shot from the other day It was taken manually with cannon powershot helded to the eyepiece (with adaptor) from a 200p dob telescope I manage to take abot 2600 frames of it. I aligned, stacked and worked around with the wavelets But I am not sure I could manage to improve the detail of this pic a little more with photoshop or something else.. Im a little noob yet with editing astrophotos Anyway cheers
  9. Thank you everyone.. Yes, I was very happy to get this picture of mars I think yesterday was the alignement of Mars, Earth and the Sun.. So I can say it was a "Mars day" for me xD I am only now learning how to use registax.. I hope to master it to get better results xD Cheers
  10. Hi everyone, I havent been here for a while and I also havent been stargazing from the past 2 months I think, cuz the weather and work and everything But yesterday I could manage to take my SW 200p out to my balcony and get some views of Jupiter Well I manage to recorded it and I went processing the result and I think it was good for 1st time using registax. So I was really happy and I waited for Saturn and Mars to appear to do the same thing Here are the results PS: Mars was hard as hell to track. I was manually tracking the objects with a cannon powershot holded to the scope eyepiece
  11. Hi all I have a SW 200p dob and on the other day I was trying to get some shots of jupiter and I also recorded a 1min video of it. This was made affocally with a simple camera. I got a decent video with jupiter and its moons but it was too bright for me to see any color.. It was just a big white disk. For now I dont have any sort of filters so what can I do to make jupiter less bright ? Can it be possible to process the video in a way that can reduce all the brightness and increase some contrast ? Sorry if this was covered already, Im new on editing images and videos Cheers
  12. I tend to think that for an object (in this case space) to grow, something must be added to this object from some source. If we could see a single unit of space (or the whole space) as a 1cm^2 flat paper, then if it expands or grows to a 2cm^2 the added space (difference between 2cm^2 and 1cm^2 ) must have come from somewhere xD But yeah, what do we know xD maybe this is just something completely different Cheers
  13. Hi everyone , I was thinking about the universe expansion. So we can think it as the surface of a balloon, and if everything is getting away from everything else, that means that space is being created out of nothing? What I am trying to say is, considering 2 units of space that are close to each other. For them to get far from each other it means that a new unit of space is being created in between them. So my question is: is it correct to say that the expansion of the universe is based on the constant creation of new units of space in every single point between the existing units of space th
  14. I got it now! This concept is hard to understand at the beginning to be honest xD I tend to think that we are inside the balloon and not on its surface.. Now I understand how space is growing.. I am sad that our mind isn't trained for this of awareness of reality.. Must keep pushing forward for new insights
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