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  1. lol, Ok its "Ugley" and not "Ugely", hence I got no hits, would be interesting to check this one out if folk think it's any good....
  2. Nope, cant find the link, a search for "Ugely Green" on Essex Cloud Dodgers comes up with no details on the whereabouts of this site. Can someone send me a link ? Is this on private land ? Whats the LP from Stansted like ? Do folk actually observe there ? Regarding other sites in the general area, sure you can find plenty of leads by looking at maps, satellite images, street view etc. My experience is that when it comes to the chrunch, the sites I visited in person to check out properly turned out to be dissapointing eg: rough uneven ground, tall grass/ crops, dusty, on a slope, limited space to set up a scope, limited space to park, obstructions to view, too close to road etc etc.... There are no obvious publically accessible sites in this general area eg a national trust site with a car park in a dark area. So I guess we have to make do with what there is. Agreed, there will be plenty of potential sites on private farm land. Any further info on that (eg specific sites) appreciated, its not a route I've personally taken to date without prior familiarity with the farmer.
  3. Welcome Braintree Astronomer. Guess you have some leads from this thread and good luck with that. Unfortunately, the Ugely green site has no details, I am not sure it exists to be honest (the observing site that is, the place does exist). Finchingfield, again if you can find details of a publically-accessible site around here, this will be a worthwhile achievement, but my initial searches revealed nothing....
  4. Area 51? You guys meet up towards the east coast right, Southend way? Any interest or knowledge of sites the other side of the county would also interest a few of us. Yep, this weather ain't pretty for astro, good for scope modding tho
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum, I'm one of the stortford crowd and can help too if you need a hand. I rented in Berden last year, up the road from clavering, before moving to b/s. No streetlighting up your way, which helps. Enjoy your scope when it arrives !
  6. Dubya, this is v useful to know, and I guess makes sense, "usable" doesn't really motivate me to use that site, the quest goes on.....
  7. knobby this sounds good, hope it translates to better skies for you at home. In bishop's stortford (big-up the massif !), lights go off at midnight. I've recorded scores of readings with my unihedron sky quality meter. FWIW, lights off in b/s translates to a statistically significant, albeit minor darkening of the sky background. I just need them to turn off stansted airport, Harlow, and greater London now
  8. I have denk2 supersystem, 19pans and 24pans. Results will be somewhat scope specific. But on my f4.7 newt the 24pans vignette on powerswitch low setting only, which is mildly offputting. other powerswitch settings it is ok. 19 pans never vignette and is my preference unless if you really want max fov. That said optically the Denk bino is best at mid powerswitch setting and 24pans don't vignette there. Ergonomically both eps are a joy to use, happy binoviewing
  9. jonstarrysky

    DSC 6569 crop

    From the album: 18" dob

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    DSC 6565

    From the album: 18" dob

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    DSC 6564

    From the album: 18" dob

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    DSC 6594 crop

    From the album: 18" dob

  13. Hi all, I'm from Bishop's Stortford. Any folks from this forum around that way ?? I'm interested in finding dark sites for observing..... Cheers, Jon
  14. Anyone from up Bishop's Stortford way, interested in exploring dark(er) sites for observing ?
  15. classic, I meant to say that but thought it wouldn't go down that well
  16. Hi Chris, Welcome !! Yep, up there you wont find the fake tans lol. In fact, as you found out, you chose a good part of Essex for stargazing. Satellite images show a U shaped band of dark sky south of Haverill. We moved to E.Herts, just outside Essex not so long ago, in my case SHMBO spotted a place with a nice kitchen, any mention of the poor light pollution would have been ...... Hey, if you host those mini star parties pls let me know ! Cheers, Jon
  17. Folks, did anyone checkout this dark zone south of Haverill (see band of red below)? The CCD LP map puts it as darker than other areas to the Eastern side of the county. Being somewhat Northerly, the view South should be improved. Previously mentioned Finchinfield is not that far from here, or Great/ Little Bardfield, if anyone is familiar with these areas, and has located suitable ground. I can vouch for B/Stortford skies being pretty dire for any vaguely serious deep sky observing.
  18. Hey Simms, glad you having fun with the good seeing. Its clear my end of the county too, but as you say, bit of a breeze. Let me know if youre still up for a meet at your Ugley Green spot. Been watching out for spring galaxies in my garden in B/S and lamenting at how poor they look vs. my old observing spots, now too distant to visit. Wld be great to find a spot round here that yeilds better views, less affceted by light pollution.....
  19. Jonny, that's cool, dark sites can be hit and miss with getting disturbed, Jo public turning up to poke jibes about aliens etc, your MoD runway may be free of that issue lol
  20. this is good to know, and gives a ray of hope for some decent skies. So maybe we'll be seeing some astronomers in the Finchingfield area. The run-way is intriguing. I was aware of an abandoned run-way somewhere that way, probably not the same, it was previous WW2 site, but now used for police training and off-limits. Will be interesting to see how all this pans out.......
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