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  1. That's a very good point.... Grrrrrrr.
  2. Great stuff thanks guys. I'm thinking a wedge and gentle hand movements will be enough for my needs. I shoot Video with my dslr and 200p. It's only for planets really and I've already done the lazy suzan mod. I'm not looking to get into the bigtime!!
  3. Hi guys. Just stumbled across this site and wondering if anyone has any experience with Equatorial Platforms??? http://www.equatorial-platforms-uk.co.uk/home/scopes-on-platforms I'd like my dob to track but I don't want to pay the earth for a tracking mount!!! These come in a lot cheaper than the EQ6 etc but are they and good???
  4. Many thanks guys! As for Saturn, could I expect any better from a dob and Dslr?? This was from around 15 seconds of footage, I let it drift through the viewfinder, went to move the scope and lost it! Then the clouds came in.. Typical
  5. Nice one james thanks Still um'ing and Ah'ing over a web cam. I think manual tracking with a dob would be a nightmare, I could imagine getting Saturn on the sensor for a split second would be hard enough. I bet it would drift through the frame in well under a second.
  6. Thanks James, do I just click RGB Allign then 'Estimate??'
  7. Little re-edit after a chat with Steve, and Saturn that I filmed last night chucked in for good measure.
  8. Canon 700D, Skywatcher 200p DOB, Cropped in Pipp, stacked in AS!2, wavelets in Registax and sharpened in Lightroom. Big thanks to Steve W. (orig looks even better!)
  9. Great stuff thanks mate. If I recall, when outputting in AVI there is 3 options in a sub menu, raw UDNG etc I think??
  10. Sorry to thread jack! Steve when you say use pipp to 'sort' what box do you tick for this as there's a few options?
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