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  1. An eye piece less than £200 I think might be easier on her pocket
  2. Ho ho ho Father Christmas (my missus) asked me what I want for Christmas. I though eye piece eye piece! I have recently bought a sky watcher 200p and heq5 synscan. I have a sw 10 mm. Sw 25mm. Ultra wide 6mm and ultra wide 20 mm. And a 2x Barlow. Any suggestions of what eye piece I should ask for. Thanks ho ho ho
  3. How do you polar align in the daytime? Sorry if I sound thick but if you don't ask you won't no I've always been taught!
  4. thanks for your help.i will eagerly be awaiting a clear sky now!
  5. Ok thanks. So I set up my mount with the north leg facing north. Balance the telescope and mount and look through the polar scope and get Polaris in the centre of the polar scope by adjusting the dec and ra?or use the hand controler? Then do two star alignment and hopefully using the goto will take me to what I want to see..........
  6. Hiya. I have recently treated myself to a skywatcher 209p and a heq5 synscan. I am a novice with this. Had a skywatcher 150 and eq3 then a sky prodigy 6 but didn't get on with that so treated myself. I am pretty beginner and have watched some YouTube vids about polar alignment. I guess when I have done it a few times I will be fine. But for general setting up and finding objects with the goto what is the easiest way to do this and will it be accurate. Thanks for your help. Hope for clear sky's !
  7. http://astronomia.co.uk/index.php/accessories/power-accessories/12v-power-tank-17ah.html
  8. A portable power source will be better for me. Any ideas on what should be good to use. Ta
  9. I am getting a 200p and a heq5 pro synscan mount this weekend. Woohoo can't wait !! What is best for power supply for the mount. I have a tracer lithium 4ah power pack. Will this be ok or do I need to invest in something else. Fingers crossed for clear sky's.
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