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  1. Very good of you thanks, yes 1.6m I’ve pmed you
  2. Thanks that would be fantastic I’m more than happy postage , time and materials. The original cable is 1:6m . Thanks Tim.
  3. Yes still have original . Can upload a photo later
  4. Dose anyone out there no of any company who can manufacture data cables, I need a oddball it’s a Meade starlock cable..
  5. I had an old fibre glass dome a few years ago when it was open and windy it blew the sliding hatch clean off I had to repair it with a aluminium brace never blew off again but really banged in high winds no doubt there better built now.. As for mount wobble the new fiction mounts are meant to unaffected by strong wind good excuse to buy a new mount.
  6. Rewired ,Walls all plastered and painted Matt black , scope refitted ready for 1st clear night all the software in Nina working even roof working safe with scope orientation just need weather sensor fitting.
  7. Also outside been tidied up a little
  8. Covered my mount as I’m going plaster my walls don’t like the block work look it feels like a prison cell also I can neaten up my wiring at the same time, my question what colour would you paint the finished walls I’m leaning towards black.
  9. Will try this makes sense it’s not planetary at 100 fps , lost 4 images last night out of 60 not counting cloud cover. Thanks Tim.
  10. It’s looks so neat , no chance of snagging, I lost 5, 180 subs from 80 exposures, (unfortunately 3 in 1 channel) , I’ll test direct but not sure if the chance snagging is worse than loosing some images.
  11. Thank had a good look might change somethings around
  12. Less than 3m just about, bought a reasonably expensive one, but who knows they claim to be good .. Don’t know it’s it’s using all the usb 3 ports on the mount , going to move the Zwo guider to the usb 2 port to the left and it that doesn’t help plug the Primaluce gotto focuser into a usb2 to only run usb 3 with the camera
  13. Just checked Nina setting my usb limit was set at 0 , read online should be 40 ( for Zwo)don’t know if this will stop since the change of settings I’ve had 7 more 180 subs come out ok. dose anybody know what this setting is for , is it download speed or capacity or am I barking up the wrong tree
  14. See photo this happens every so often, using usb 3 from onboard hub on Ioptron 120 then straight into pc..pleas excuse the large dust moats
  15. 70 x 3mins subs in narrowband with zwo 2600mc over 2 night with skywatcher esprit 150, stacked and processed with pixinsight.
  16. out for 3hrs last night lost the last 1/2 hrs work of light due to forgetting to turn on dew heater, tried without any light pollution filter so as is .m51.bmpm51.bmpm51crop.bmp
  17. redone with less over the top processing.
  18. galaxy_clone1.bmp now a little too purple
  19. 1st go in pixinsight was happier with the image 5 steps earlier over done it but quite alright with the end product . steep leaning curve will back to original uncropped image and start again..
  20. Thanks again it’s a little more involved the my Zwo plus but I’ll get to grips with it eventually
  21. The mount connects but I’m getting this error an I doing something wrong.
  22. Wow what a coincidence I downloaded this program late last night and literally just tried it in NINA and it slewed to the targets as much as I could tell in the day time. It came up with a few errors but still worked as far as I can tell. And parked it that worked as I should, now to try properly on a clear night I want the park scope feature to work so my roll on roll off works with the mount so not to snap my scope in half by accidentally closing.
  23. I can control my Meade lx850 gem mount with the Zwo air plus but want more control like parking scope and roof on off automation which the Zwo won’t do. so going to try connect to Ascom then NINA, but try as I might cannot get the mount to connect to Ascom it not a hard wear issue as can connect to meades updater and Zwo. Trawled the internet for every driver but no luck has anybody been able to connect a Meade to Ascom thanks.
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