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  1. Sorry I meant cover the scope and align by obtaining the smallest shadow of the scope. Not look through a finderscope or rdf
  2. could you leave the cover on and align it to the sun?
  3. according to their website http://skysafariastronomy.com/products/skysafari/you need at least sky safari plus.
  4. JonC - if you are trying to make a SW Synscan AZ cable (at the moment there is one for sale on astroboot) the cable colours dont matter, providing you connect the RJ12 pins to the correct pins on the RJ45 end. i.e. RJ12 pin 2 connects to RJ45 pin 6 RJ12 pin 3 connects to RJ45 pin 7 etc
  5. ive just disabled buzzer and lights, pressed 5 and the mount moves in all directions ok.
  6. if you press 1 and 2 together it turns tracking on / off. if the buttons are not flashing, and you havent disabled the backlight, the unit is not tracking. if you set the speed to 1 or 2 the telescope moves very slowly (used for centering an object in the eyepiece) - try using 4 or 5 to check its actually moving. if no key is pressed within 30 minutes, tracking will cease automatically. if you turn the unit off and then back on again it should reset lights, buzzer and tracking.
  7. if you uncheck scope in the stellarium options then it disappears from the drop down list on the stellarium dialog. if i manually move the scope the reticle follows the movement on the stellarium screen. are you pressing the current object button on the "slew telescope to" dialog to update the ra and dec co-ordinates?
  8. in stellarium the slew telescope to dialog: if you have sync in the drop down box and press the slew button the reticle moves but not the telescope. if you have scope in the drop down box, pressing the slew button will move the scope. i can press the directional buttons on the mount and the scope moves in the direction selected - the speed might be set to the slowest, so press button 5 (highest) speed and see if the scope moves.
  9. http://taursansaakamera.dyndns.org:2222/Ohjelmat/Stellariumscope/stellariumscope_user_guide.pdf on the stellarium scope window you can enable/disable slew, sync and cancel. have you unticked these options?
  10. the scope needs to be levelled, aligned north-south and latituded - as per page 2 of the instruction manual that came with the scope. more details for connecting, aligning, problems etc are at: http://armazemdotelescopio.com.br/loja/index.php/artigos/24-conteudo-astronomia-projetos/245-getting-acquainted-with-app-virtuoso-an-android-app-to-control-synscan-enabled-skywatcher-mounts-without-the-need-of-a-synscan
  11. that should have read "doesnt filter the sky view for only those"
  12. you can use the search window (F3) the tab lists gives you messier and caldwell catalogues as well as other objects, but doesnt filter for only those
  13. good to know you got it working
  14. you can filter the magnitudes by: sky and viewing options window (F4) bottom right hand corner - limit magnitudes stars and dso's http://www.stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Star_Catalogues "star catalogues are split into 9 files, which contain stars of varying brightness" they seem to be divided into magnitude ranges so it appears you can only filter by the range and not specific catalogues. cartes du ciel has a catalog section where you can customise what you want to see displayed
  15. i noticed with stellarium, cdc and c2a if the reticle is to the left of the target on the screen the scope moves 360 degrees instead of just a few degrees needed. have you tried moving your scope reticle to the right of the target and then slew?
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