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    ♥s ham radio, NASCAR, astronomy, reading, music (Westlife, Shane Filan, Christina Aguilera, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, Mariah Carey, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, country, UK garage, house, Hed Kandi), photography, blogging, Tweeting, papercrafting, penpalling...
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  1. Hi everyone, Don't worry I haven't gotten totally confused (yet, ha)... I have printed out various spec sheets on the scopes I'm looking at as well as a little price comparison. Funnily enough today I bought an astronomy magazine (not sure if we're allowed to say names of magazines?) today from a local well-known supermarket and let my Dad read it and he immediately asked me about the Celestron SE series which of course is on my shortlist. I am a beginner when it comes to astronomy although I do know the names of quite a few constellations and where they're located, I just never got any further than perhaps reading the odd magazine or watching a TV show on the subject. When the national newspapers mentioned a comet or meteor shower my Dad and I would usually pop outside to see if we could see it. I remember seeing Hale-Bopp out the bedroom window which was a pretty cool thing. I'm grateful for all your suggestions and comments, thank you so much! I may ask more questions once I've narrowed down the list. I am so far rather partial to the SE range but then I like the look of the other two 5" ones I asked about. I do definitely want the GoTo feature though, from others comments it helps you learn which is always great.
  2. More lovely welcomes, thank you all so much!
  3. Thank you all for the lovely welcome Dana - lol actually yes I do like him but I think overall I prefer Tony Stewart, others I like are Clint Bowyer and Denny Hamlin.
  4. Looking to purchase a new telescope, have very little experience with telescopes. I currently have two "cheap" ones I purchased a few years ago but am looking to upgrade to something with a larger aperture and something that is "go to" so it finds the objects, ie computerised. I really like the look of Celestron and I have a shortlist of 6 right now: NexStar 102 SLT (4.02in) NexStar 127 SLT (5in) NexStar 130 SLT (5.12in) Omni XLT 120 (4.72in) Omni XLT 127 (5in) NexStar 4SE (4.02in) I am open to other brands but so far have only read about Celestron. I have been advised to go for the NexStar SE range (the 5 and even the 8) but anything above the 4 is way out of my price range. The telescope is for backyard use mostly (light pollution has cut down quite a bit recently with local council putting in darker streetlamps - yay!), and would need to be carried up and down stairs for use because of where it will be stored when not in use. I want to be able to view planets, the Moon and also would love to view deep sky objects, that just fascinates me. No astro-photography at the moment, maybe in the future when I know more about it. Any help/advice/recommendations would be most gratefully received, thank you Tammie
  5. Hello everyone, found the forums after doing a little research into telescopes... My name is Tammie and I live in Eastbourne, I've had an interest in astronomy for as long as I can remember. I was 13 or 14 when I first went to Herstmonceux Science Centre but had the interest before then and I'm now 30 (eek!!!!! I am still getting used to that). Actually went back to Herstmonceux this past weekend and hope to attend the upcoming astronomy festival there. I'm looking to buy a new telescope. I do currently have two up in the loft which have hardly been used, I'm hoping to get them down soon to investigate what state they're in and to see if I can sell them perhaps to fund the new telescope, they're very very basic though. I have a shortlist of telescopes so will probably hunt around the forums for reviews and will more than likely post my shortlist to see what others recommend. Other interests include ham radio (hence the callsign in my user ID), NASCAR, reading, photography and music. Looking forward to getting to know you all Tammie
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