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  1. The Mid Kent telescope is being repaired currently. I just can't seem to find other places where public observations can be made. Anyone knows better?
  2. I hoped it will take you straight to the picture but You have to choose explorer 150pl in telescope. 5x barlow and 3.5mm baader hyperion choose Saturn in objects menu and submit.
  3. I saw this website http://www.12dstring.me.uk/foveyepiece.php?aperture=150&flength=1200&barlow=5&efl=3.5&afov=68&day=3&month=9&year=2013 and was wondering whether using the 5x barlow plus 3.5mm BH would actually produce that observation including the recommended 1h cooling.
  4. Hi I read your blog and saw the mods you have to do for the laptop control of the motors. Are there no motor setups which would plug directly into computers via a simple something to USB plug?
  5. Hopefully your wife does not get access to this forum. On a serious note, that is an impressive, expensive for me, list. I was hoping that slapping a dslr onto the 6" RC could achieve similar results. Perhaps it's still best advice to start by visiting the Astro society to get an idea. Do you, have you attended one in your=mine neighbourhood?
  6. If the OP would not mind, what kind of money, ball park figure, would one need to start from zero to acquire images like these, scope is £400 I know. But mounts, dslr, lenses etc. I can't quite get. BTW why this RC is not good for planets? I do have the drive to learn stuff if I can afford it.
  7. I would like to attempt a photo of the ISS and I was wondering if there are any telescope mounts that would track that fast.
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