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  1. March 5th. C11 - ASI120MM - Red Light. Very good night with some superb seeing. Little more exposure needed in retrospect. Probably one of my best 'back side' Jupiter images.
  2. I agree, i most certainly prefer the first one. The reprocess loses alot of structure and produces a lot of noise. Fantastic image though!
  3. Here is the full RGB list too. =) As you can see the seeing worsened considerably in the green and blue images.
  4. Hopefully with some practice and some good seeing some better images will be produced. Need clear skies for that though!
  5. Thanks guys, bit disappointing at the seeing for my first RGB, but there we go. =)
  6. The 19th of January proved to be quite a turbulent night with rolling clouds and poor to fair seeing conditions; in retrospect probably not the best of nights to attempt your first ever RGB image. However this image is probably the best i could get from the night. I have a lot of respect for those with much more experience than i; filter wheels need a lot of practice to get spot on. C11 - ACI120MM
  7. Hi guys. After having some feed back about my images being a bit too heavily sharpened i decided to give another rework of my Jupiter data from the 11th. This time i reduced the sharpening to a minimum keeping as much detail in the image that the seeing would allow. I totally agree that the softer looks gives much more quality. The original and reworked version side-by-side. C11 - ACI120MM - Red filter.
  8. Sorry, guys, i didn't see these responses. Yeah, i realize the sharpening was overdone, certainly. I've since been trying to keep that down with a softer approach. Thanks for the tips, fellas.
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