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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I have star walk on my iPad. It gives me all the data I could want then some more. I'm just a bit concerned about the brightness... Even in night mode.
  2. So I decided to start keeping track of all the Messier objects that I've seen. I'm getting my first telescope in the mail tomorrow. Its a Celestron 127 EQ. I managed to get it for $100USD. Any tips on observing any of these and which are easier than others for a beginner like myself? Thanks bunches everybody!
  3. You win some you lose some. But think of all the other opportunities its opened up for you.
  4. I love the Pleiades. Probably my favorite cluster. Glad you had a good night out. :-)
  5. I know it's nothing special to most of you, but from all the reviews I've read, it's well worth the price. Especially for the $130 brand new price I got it at on eBay. I know I'll only be able to hit bright clusters and double stars. Obviously the moon and larger planets. It's my first scope and can't wait to take her out. My first purchase for an orion spaceprobe 130 fell through. The person selling it decided they didn't feel like shipping it. Even getting small and not very detailed nebula and galaxies will get me excited. Ill post a review of it after I get it on Tuesday ish. I'm already itching!!!
  6. Ccolvin968

    Hey from NJ

    Hey Michigander! I lived in Michigan most of my life. In grand blanc, right by flint. I'm a tigers fan through and through. :-D
  7. I'm a pretty happy camper right now. I just picked up the 130EQ for $135 on eBay. Sure it was used, but in flawless condition. I know it's on the small side, but perfect for my first telescope. Does anybody have any advice or good lens upgrades I could use on my "new" baby? Cant wait to get out and use her for the first time. Ill post a report on what I observed and how I liked it.
  8. Ccolvin968

    Hey from NJ

    I'm enjoying tonight so far. I'm working night shift and its crazy clear. The only thing missing is my telescope.
  9. Ccolvin968

    Hey from NJ

    Hey everybody! Just joined here about 5 mins ago and wanted to say hi. My name's Chris, I'm 20 years old and am currently serving in the Air Force on active duty. Just like everybody else here, I am fascinated by what's out there, and what all remains to be discovered. I know I have much to learn, as we all do. I'm looking forward to sharing what I know, and learning from all of those who have been around the block a time or two. :-) hope everybody is having a good night. Catch you all on the forums!
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