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  1. Hi Ronin, Yes mate defo the right handset! My sig is old i sold both they scopes a while ago. Ive never performed a classic reset before. Will have a look and give it a try! And yep the slew speed is a global setting from 1-9 thats applied to both alt and az. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi Guys, Been a long time since ive posted here! I'll cut to the chase. Ive recently tried to use my old Meade DS2090 and while playing i noticed that the slew speed cant be changed when moving sideways. Works fine when changing the speed for up and down movements. (Cant remember which is which with Alt / AZ haha). I.e. When selecting slew speed... 5 (medium speed). It works fine and slows the 'up and down' movement as expected. However moving sideways still slews at max speed! No idea whats going on! Ive owned a few different Meade mounts now and know how to use autostar pretty well. Never
  3. Hi Gringomalingo I can offer some advice regarding video and remote setup and using a mallincam xtreme. Was in your shoes a year ago minus your budget and dark skies lol! Im still learning but love it! Video astronomy is the way forward! Live views of DSO's in full colour all from the comfort of your warm house Yes... its not going to give you amazing astro photography standard pics. But to get they amazing pics requires not only spending agessss post processing all the data. But also sitting doing nothing while your camera collects that data. With video... you spend that time observing! And
  4. Hi Ronin. Im afraid im not sure what the min requirements are to run the camera without issue. Like Red dwalf above im having issues. Last night i was looking at the moon. Was working fine then suddenly Firecapture starts acting up. Then i couldnt get more than 1 fps lol!! Tried restarting etc but nothing seemed to work. No idea why. My PC is a windows 8.1, intel i3, 3.2ghz and 16gb ram... Not amazing spec but should be able to deal with anything thrown at it... Perfomance was less than 40% cpu usage so no idea what the issue was. I was doing a live broadcast at the time on NSN. So i was runni
  5. Hi Astronurse! Welcome to the forum. That is a great first scope lol. You have 100% done the right thing! Most people end up buying something cheap then upgrading then upgrading again... You wont be upgrading anything for a long time! As the other dudes have said...i hope your strong lol that is one heavy beast!
  6. Heres a couple of screen grabs i took from my live broadcasts last week. They are 2 days apart. Ive viewed it many times now and honestly i really cant see any difference lol
  7. Nah man any 12v 2.1mm plug will do the job just fine This would work fine http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-12V-car-dc-cord-to-cigar-plug-suit-12-volt-TV-game-etc-2-1mm-/251438901369?pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Other_Vehicle_Parts_Accessories_ET&hash=item3a8aed2879
  8. Hi Davy, have a look in the video astronomy section. There are loads of video cams available for cheap that can produce great views of the moon, planets and deep space objects. A common choice is a samsung scb2000 cctv camera.
  9. Based on what your studying.... i would be willing to bet that you are really going to like astronomy! So that being the case i would be tempted to say...dont go out and spend £185 on a brand new starter scope + eyepieces. Because very soon the time will come when you NEED something better I would say save up just a little bit more like £300 and you could get a very nice small APO refractor plus an eyepiece or 2 on the used market. Very portable and something that will not be replaced for a while and would give you far better views than the starter scopes.
  10. Hi Cloudbase Im no expert on scopes so i will leave that side of things to the other guys However i would say stick to the main companys i.e. Celestron, Meade, Skywatcher etc. Dont go for a random 'jessops' or something like that. I just thought i would give my 2 cents as i was new to all things astronomy and had to research all these things not long ago. Based on your description of him he will not struggle with a goto! So i would strongly suggest thats the route you take. It just makes life so much easier for a new comer to actually find objects and enjoy the viewing rather than spending al
  11. Hey Marcus, I have the camera Paul linked you from aliexpress. Its called a LN300 and its tiny! A fraction of the size and weight of the scb2000. It only costs £45 and has free delivery. As mentioned this is a unmodified mallincam micro. There is some debate around what he has actually changed. He mentions updating it to the RJ-11 chip from the RJ-7 however i can confirm that the camera from aliexpress does already have a RJ-11 chip in it. It can go up to x1024 sense-up and considering the price is a very good camera. It can also be purchased with the IR filter already removed Have a look at
  12. Mizar is 100% a double Alcor is the star you can see with your eyes thats next to it.
  13. I was testing this out last night. Maybe there is an option somewhere that i missed but as far as making small adjustments for a better view.... i couldnt do this in stellarium. Best i could do is just select a star pretty close to the object and hope it gives a better position. Think i will be investing in an extension cable for the autostar hand controller.
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