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  1. Here are 3 images - single shot - grad x treminator to flatten and stretched with levels. it looks lop sided to the left and uneven stars. If I continue a light spot appears in the centre ?
  2. The Mod was just to remove the i/r filter not full spectrum I believe. Ive had this done with other Canons twith no problems . I cleaned with a Sensor Cleaning Swab and after a air blower. I have tested the Samyang on another DSLR and it works fine so its a camera problem
  3. Here are 3 images - single shot - 10 second single frame and 10 second stretched on levels and curves trying to detect a problem
  4. Have tried stacking with and without flats and darks, just the same
  5. Hi , I have the dewdrop on images taken other nights so it cant be that and used flats to no effect
  6. Can anyone help me, I have a Canon 5dMk2 which is assto modded but cannot obtain a good image using my Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens, I have attached two images which I have processed to accentuate the problem , one stacked DSS and one Sequator , both show the same probem. I have cleaned the Sensor so dont know what that bottom right artefact is. Both images were stacked with Darks and Flats and captured at - 20 x 15 secs iso 3200 f2.8
  7. Hi again, is the tilt problem causing the larger stars on the left, whch way should I adust the tilt on my Redcap
  8. Has anyone an idea as to what these poor edges to my image is, Its not fully pocessed to show them. Im using a Redcat 51 with a Canon Full Frame 5DMk2 . I have a LP filter installed in the Camera CRAP IMAGE.tif
  9. My Canon 5Dmk11 vignettes badly, even when ep viewing, on my MAK137 and not so bad on my WPO Z71, is it possible to fit a Focal Reducer, if one is made for a DSLR to help this problem ? or am I stuck with it, I dont have a problem with my other DSLR cropped sensor 700D, this is the view
  10. Any ideas what these black speck are, I used my WO z71 + ZWO Asi 2m iso 800 Not proceeded fully to show marks
  11. This is the image. over exposed to show problem
  12. I have acquired a Canon 5D MK 2 which vignettes badly when attached to my Telescopes, WO Z71 & SW 5” Mak I have tried an adjustable field flattener to no effect , I processed 20 subs last night and same darks, the result was rubbish
  13. Hi single shots even at 30 secs are OK and Ive checked and cleaned all the optics
  14. I have attached 2 images from last night using an H-Apha filter due to the Moon being up, however the target was well away from it and should according to the Filter specifacation not effect Ha imaging. I reduced the exposure to 60 seconds as suggested by many and set iso at 3200 ( grainy but a good setting for accenting the problem) 10 and 5 exposures, stacked them with Deepskystacker, part processed on PS . As you will see it has made no difference whatsoever to the rotating marking or smearing effect I have checked the optics in the Scope and the DSLR Could this be a camera
  15. No Im in a situation where I can only veiw from SE - SW but have produced reasonable images, this is new
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