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  1. Can you dither manually without software, say with your hanhset while exposing , if so how, thanks
  2. Thanks chaps for your help. The Horsehead target was only 45 degrees and I have just processed some images taken last night using iso 1600 and 90 seconds again at the Horsehead and the images have the same rotation problem. I have tuned this mount and it does now produce good images at 90 seconds iso 1600 at even higher altitude than 45 degrees, the attached image is at those settings
  3. Thanks for replying. I know that AltAz mounts are prone to this rotation, however the stars are not elongated and using DeepSkyStacker this should handle this small amount of rotation that these 6 frames developed or maybe not
  4. Can anyonetell me what is causing this circuling, Im using a WO Z71 on a iOpton AZ Goto mount 3mins @iso 3200 , high I know but for testing. I have a Flattener fitted which is variable but have set it at 71. I have attached 2 images stretched to show the problem. the object was at appox 45 degrees altitude, low Moon well away from the Horsehead, the first image was with a Ha filter and the other without any. I know a alt az mount is not ideal for imaging but I have had reasonable results before
  5. I've emailed Altair Astro but still waiting for an answer and now have contacted iOptron support and again waiting, meanwhile my warranty expiration gets nearer !!
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can download a "Strip down" or repair manual or instructions for this Mount, I have a knocking noise on slewing and need to inspect it
  7. I have tried altering the balance as Sub Dwarf suggested and Davey-T I am using a newly replaced unit as the previous one was worse - Demon[erformer, I put the wrong image on but it shows that the trails differ in direction when alter the weight/ balance etc . I will look up the link.
  8. Star Adventurer, Canon DSLR - Williams Optics ZS61 Telescope ;; I am getting double and treble joined up stars when imaging when imaging only at 60 seconds. I have carefully balanced the Mount and Scope and polar lined well. I have been advised that it is cable snagging but I have no cables. Ive tried various movements of the weights and scope, It is a heavy duty Tripod , weighted and on anti vibration mounts, It is though the mount is badly tracking and taking multi shots joined together, My 2 test images are a full one and it zoomed shot at 45o alt East. Am I asking too much from this mo
  9. How long an exposure can you obtain with that without serious star trails
  10. I have Tracer 12volt Power Pack which I used successfully on an iOpton Star Tracker, can I use it on a Star Adventurer or must I use 6v. I hate internal AA Batteries, prefer remote but like others the ones I’ve used keep cutting out
  11. I have just purchased a AZ Pro and am delighted with it, although the goto quite often misses the target despite levelling it to the degree. Visual is great but I expect no long exposures with regard to imaging. I have a 8" RC on it and use a Canon DSLR, also a WO 71mm for wide. I would like to know the exposures I can expect.
  12. i have recently purchased a iOptron AZ Pro, which I am pleased with however I cant make it work via the wifi on my ipad using Sky Safari plus, as is advertised, the mount connects to my ipad OK and I can connect to the mounts wifi. In setting I enter as instructed, SkiFi number, Port 8899. I could not find the Scope type AZ Pro isted so I chose the handset 8407 also alt/az, however despite this it will not connect to the scope. I have tried this with my iPhone but the same. I have contacted the dealer and iOptron but not received a reply, can any one help
  13. Many thanks Kerry, good report. I have a RC 8" so dont have problems cooling down
  14. I am considering in upgrading my Minitower 2 to the AZ Pro, I operate ftrom a patio with my house behind obstructing mt view of the North and North East, would this be a proble as it is automatic in its line up on a Star. Has anyone any views on this model, Im happy with the Minitower 2 I have but its beginning to have niggly problems, thus the possible ugrade. I tried to contact Altair Astro but they do not return my email or calls ???
  15. This Dob is set up by pointing it level North, raising it to Polaris, North, and pressing Set Latitude, so it can't be that, also the Alt slew in the right direction therefore it's only down to the AZ one which in the wrong direction
  16. My SW tracking Dob AZ motor is running in the wrong direction, the ALT direction is OK. I set the scope up facing North as usual, any ideas anyone?
  17. I have found the problem it was the clutch nut tension, both directions slew now, I assume that if the clutch is too tight or loose the wheel will turn without turning the scope, however another strange thing has occured now its slewing, it is slewing the wong direction in the AZ and befre you ask, I set it up facing North, the ALT is going in the right direction, Weird !
  18. There isn't any firmware for the SkyTrek handsets , they are not upgradeable and also obsolete, however FLO are lending me a handset to try, great Company, I wish all were as helpful as them
  19. Many thanks, I did strip it down the base and lubricate etc, maybe I need to look at it again in case I tightend up some bits too much, the thing is that when I dissengage Tracking and fast slew, it works fine, only on tracking is the problem, could it be a handset problem?
  20. Hi, yes wrong terms, I setup the scope indoors with a marker facing South. I left it for 15 minutes, the Scope moved 1 " up alt and nothing to the right, az, at all, maybe I'm expecting too much. I will try it during the day on a distant object
  21. I have a SW Flexitube controlled by a Syn Trek Auto track. The problem is although the Alt motor system is truning ( wheel spinning) when in tracking mode , the scope is not. I have adjusted the Clutch nut but this does not have an effect, the strange thing is that when I manually slew, the scope turn OK at all 3 speeds but not when in a tracking mode . The Dec operation is OK. and I have set it up the Latitude correctly.
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