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  1. According to EB in Milton Keynes, I shouldn't be able to see anything because of all the light pollution. Never realised I was imagining everything that I see. Worrying.
  2. Grr, nevermind then. Sorry for the multiple posts, at least it'll help to get me to the required number to edit posts.
  3. Removed word was [removed word], or an anagram of it. Amazed that it's censored, not really a rude word.
  4. That surely qualifies as [removed word], this topic should be labelled NSFW
  5. Polymer notes: great Polymer notes with ISS modules pictured: greater
  6. Is that sarcasm, cos I've never encountered anything like that before?
  7. I was just worries my number may find its way into the hands of one of his supporters, sane and friendly as he seems, I have no idea about his fans. Oh no, politics has entered the fray, threadnaught here we come...
  8. I'd imagine it was point 1, but I apologised to Mr Bauval before I made my previous post. Seemed the least I should do for thinking the worst of him. Not sure if I am comfortable giving him my phone number, though.
  9. OK, going back on topic quickly, finally convinced Mr Bauval that the program did show them in the wrong place by sending him a clip of the part I was talking about. He seems genuinely horrified and claims the program maker misrepresented him. We have had a rather friendly exchange of emails since and now he is asking for my phone number so that we can discuss further. So, what do I do people?
  10. PS, when are you getting your new one? May as well plan a week away...
  11. Thankyou, just got to enjoy a couple of hours viewing without having to look like the michelin man. Now I just need to find a kindly old wizard to do something about the moon.
  12. That was the best film Val Kilmer ever did. If you really want to see a bad film then Defendor should fit the bill quite nicely. Most painful hour and half of my life. If it had come out before Tropic Thunder then I would have been convinced that it was the film that inspired the line "Never go full retard".
  13. I tend to follow the "cause no offence" rule when talking to people with a PhD. Some want to be referred to as Doctor, others don't. It's no bother to me either way, but I have noticed that when I am visiting Germany, people are more likely to get offended if I don't than when I am back home. I had wondered why, though never enough to bother trying to find out, so thank you for the explanation.
  14. Thankyou, I had never encountered http://www.pleiadians.net/WHO_ARE_THEY_/who_are_they_.html but that site is wonderful. I know a guy that's part Cherokee Pleiadian, will ask him.
  15. I always thought that a PhD meant someone could call themselves Dr, at least in the UK. Michael, that is fascinating bout the system in the Netherlands and as always, the German system seems nicely logical. A friend of Robert Bauval added me as a friend on facebook (not that I really use it, but currently arranging a relatives visit next month and is more convenient than email). At least, I think it is one of his friends, a guy called Richard Fusniak. Googled him and he seems to be another of the crazy fools. A little too much to drink last night and sent an email to Bauval telling him that I
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