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  1. Jeff - sorry for the delayed response.  As Cornelius V suggests, yes, probably better to post in the relevant forum section, as more people (including me!) are likely to notice it.  No worries though, and to answer your question, I have found the Baader Hyperions to work very well with my Equinox 80.  IMHO, they are excellent performers for the money.  I wear glasses, and I welcome the eye relief they offer.  I have the 24, 13 and 8mm Hyperions, and also the Mkiii 8-24 zoom.  For the lowest mag from my collection, I use a TV Panoptic 35mm - 14x with the Equinox.  Don't often use a barlow at all, and switch to a 5mm Pentax when I want 100x.  Out of the various scopes I've had down the years, I reckon the little Equinox 80 is, optically, the best of the bunch.  Concerns re eyepiece weight and balance are really dependent on your mount.  I use tube-rings, on a long dovetail plate, and don't really have any balance issues.  Hope that helps!

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