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  1. Just joined the group, hoping to meet up soon. Nothing is scheduled over the holiday period but I'm up for a meeting if anyone wants to take advantage of a viewing window. Can't make Dec 26th nor 30th but other dates ok.
  2. New to the group, member of Cardiff Astro Soc, doing online course with UCLAN, looking forward to meeting up with you. I'll keep an eye on the thread to check dates, in the meantime I'll make sure I can find the place! BTW if it's windy is there another nearby location to retreat to where it's not so windy? Another place recommended me is the Crai reservoir. Anyone tried it ?
  3. Is there a GoTo AltAz that could take the weight of the Skywatcher Equinox 120, which I believe is about 8.5 kg not including EP's or Telrad? I've found an AltAz/EQ dual purpose that would take it but it's expensive and I really don't like EQ mounts.
  4. Jeff - sorry for the delayed response.  As Cornelius V suggests, yes, probably better to post in the relevant forum section, as more people (including me!) are likely to notice it.  No worries though, and to answer your question, I have found the Baader Hyperions to work very well with my Equinox 80.  IMHO, they are excellent performers for the money.  I wear glasses, and I welcome the eye relief they offer.  I have the 24, 13 and 8mm Hyperions, and also the Mkiii 8-24 zoom.  For the lowest mag from my collection, I use a TV Panoptic 35mm - 14x with the Equinox.  Don't often use a barlow at all, and switch to a 5mm Pentax when I want 100x.  Out of the various scopes I've had down the years, I reckon the little Equinox 80 is, optically, the best of the bunch.  Concerns re eyepiece weight and balance are really dependent on your mount.  I use tube-rings, on a long dovetail plate, and don't really have any balance issues.  Hope that helps!

  5. HI there, I note you have an Equinox80 which I'm about to order, and also Hyperions and Televues EPs. Do you use the Hyperions on the Eq80 without any problems? I'm looking at a 2" one but not sure if it's too heavy, esp with a star diagonal. And do you Barlow them? Doesn't seem much point in using a Barlow with a widefield, better get dedicated EP's, but then what do I know! Any thoughts welcome, good luck.


    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      It might be better to start a proper thread in the correct forum section rather than posting questions in someone elses status update. That way you will get more replies to your questions.

      SGL mods team

  6. HI there, saw your post about your Equinox80, just about to buy one. What EP's do you use if I may ask? The max mag is 160 which I think would need a 3.5mm, but I'd be reluctant to push it that far. I thought of a Baader Hyperion 24mm with a diagonal, maybe a 12 or 15mm as well. Any thoughts welcome....Best.

  7. Hi there, hope you don't mind quick question. I'm looking at getting a Skywatcher Equinox 80ED but as it comes without EP's I have to choose a widefield one. The Baader Hyperion 24mm looks good but I'm a bit concerned about the weight, esp with a diagonal. The f-ratio is 6.25, so I'm interested that you've found the 5mm ok with an F6. The Equinox is well-built, metal, and has a 2" focuser so it should be ok even if it needs a bit of weight on the front to balance it. Scary business, buying EPs, so any thoughts welcome.  Best.....

  8. I had a similar problem last night with a Celestron Astromaster 900/130mm: I'm new to scopes. Sunday night I tried to see Jupiter's GRS. The seeing was poor but good enough to locate J in the 20mm supplied Celestron eyepiece. I then inserted the supplied 10mm eyepiece and was surprised to see the shadow of the central support and the spider vanes obscuring the image. I turned the focusser throughout its entire range but it wouldn't go away, just got bigger or smaller. Jupiter itself wasn't clear at all, though that may be due to the poor seeing. So the view was pretty useless.
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