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  1. Scope now sold - thanks to everyone for their interest.
  2. Thanks Des! Appreciate your comment.
  3. Hi there Have just listed mine in the For Sale/Swap section. Cheers, Simon
  4. Have decided to sell my trusty Equinox ED80 refractor. Sharp optics, smooth two-speed Crayford rotatable focuser, fitted with a finder shoe, and complete with the original Skywatcher case and tripod-threaded mounting bracket. A 3D-printed Bahtinov mask is included, along with a pair of mounting rings and a Losmandy dovetail plate. Collection preferred (Sussex coast, not far from Brighton), payment by bank transfer or cash on collection. Looking for £325.00
  5. A tantalisingly clear evening on the south coast, although puffy white things soon rolled in. To grab a few quick views, and some equally quick snaps, I set up a new-to-me 60mm refractor, with an extender to increase its native f5.9 to f10. Took a handful of snaps with an Olympus m4/3 mirrorless, on a static tripod. An enjoyable bit of lunacy.
  6. I went along to the IAS yesterday, and had a very enjoyable day. The high spot for me was certainly the new Rowan mount, especially the quality and thoughtfulness of the engineering, and the many totally practical design points. Learning about it from Derek and Dave was an enjoyable experience in itself. Due to a dodgy back, I was a bit concerned about liftability, and the guys very kindly assembled another bare mount from components in their display cabinet, so I could try lifting it and finding the optimum hug & cuddle stance! It was no problem at all to lift, particular as it's much more compact than a typical EQ mount and, indeed, much nicer to cuddle! The overall concept of the mount, and its impressive execution, certainly made me think very hard about the kind of astronomy that gives me the greatest pleasure. I do enjoy a bit of imaging, but as I get older I find a few hours simply observing to be rather more relaxing. And the more I think about it, a well designed push-to alt-az mount seems to be about the nicest way of doing it. A new, and very short shopping list has begun!
  7. I bought a pair of APM 10x50ED bins a couple of years ago, in time for a trip to NZ and Australia. I had just enough spare space in my carry-on camera rucksack for a 10x50 pair and wanted to take the sharpest views I could that would fit that space. They fulfilled that role perfectly, showing me all the glorious wonders of the southern hemisphere skies. The only real comparative yardstick I had were my Helios Apollo 15x70, which obviousy have a mag and aperture advantage, but I found the APMs offered noticeably better edge-to-edge sharpness, more contrast, less CA (I couldn't really notice any), and they were less affected by stray light - eg from a bright moon just out of view. I also find the APMs more comfortable to use with glasses, which I need due to astigmatism. A much easier view, thanks to the better eye relief and larger-aperture eyepieces. Yup, I love 'em! My happiest observing sessions are using the APMs to spot a selection of targets, while using a small refractor to up the mag and see the targets in better detail. But if I'm travelling somewhere and can only take one optical aid, it's nearly always the APM 10x50ED that comes along.
  8. Yup, my bad, picked this up from Recent Posts, and realised too late it wasn't in Classifieds - apologies, and your reminder duly noted!
  9. Just seen your post. I have an Equinox 80, which I am planning to sell. If your other potential deal falls through, do PM me, and I can send you photos etc. The scope has a finder bracket, and I also have a pair of mounting rings, which are currently fitted to a Losmandy plate.
  10. Yeah, it seems to be pretty busy above here as well! Let's hope they blow away by this evening...
  11. Well, it seems to have galloped across the sky a fair amount since last night. Not such a clear sky tonight - haze and high cloud around - but the comet, if I've spotted it correctly, is some way west and up from Eta Leonis. Forecast looks ok for a couple of nights hence, so will give it another go then.
  12. Yup, just come in after a short session with 10x50s. An enjoyable tour around - eg M44, M67 & M48 - and fairly easy to find the comet, a fuzzy patch below 42 Leonis. Having found it, I'm looking forward to following it over the next week or two.
  13. Bought this ADM version recently for my Tak 76-DCU, and it arrived from FLO within 24 hours. Neatly engineered, it fitted like a glove and I'm very happy with it. For me, it was an essential factor in getting the most out of the scope's grab & go, pack & travel potential.
  14. After a few fruitless attempts over the last week or so, I found 46P tonight for the first time, using 10x50s to sweep the area down a bit and left a bit from Menkar. A vague splodge with soft edges sprang into view. Phew - that's it! Delighted... Upped the glass ante with 15x70s, tripod mounted with a trigger grip, and had a long, lingering look, thoroughly enjoying the sight. Having found the comet, I'd planned to try some imaging, but clouds decided it was bedtime...
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