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  1. its the first time I read about that. What are Magellanic Clouds?
  2. Wow, Thanks a lot for all the tips You gave me. What did You do in DSS todo avoid the star trails? I guess 50 shots at 8 secs may not generate trails but there must be movement between 1st pic and 50th Thanks again Enviado desde mi Nexus 7 usando Tapatalk 2
  3. Thanks ppl Enviado desde mi Nexus 7 usando Tapatalk 2
  4. @auspom I've posted all u say here. Thanks:
  5. I've uploaded some beginner ones already in my gallery, but hope this weekend to get better ones now that I've learned more about focusing, etc. Those are without learning anything about AP
  6. Hi We're planning going to the field this next sunday night (thanks god we have holiday monday/tuesday) We're carrying a Meade DS-2130, Canon SX30, Canon 1100D, nexus 7 with stellarium, mobile observatory, etc. and (if advised) I could also get APT and carry it on a netbook I've read some about DSS for post-processing, the live view focusing tips, some advised settings, the 500 rule, etc. 1) Sunday here will be new moon, will b perfect sky (if no clouds). Scope's owner tells me she won't be able to align scope without moon, is this correct? If so, any workaround? 2) As I don't have any EQ moun
  7. Ulysses I was going to ask the same and found your thread You took 50 shots 8" each and stacked with DSS, right?. Lemme ask you some qs - Which ISO you used? 1600? more? - Did you use only light frames? Didn't you shoot dark, bias, etc. type? - And finally, did you shot having a motorized mount or similar? What did you do for earth's rotation? Thanks a lot
  8. hi again Thanks for the info, but I see I still need to RTFM a lot more before trying to understand those terms lol
  9. xbox webcam and 1100D to get that? I'm impressed! Please, could you describe which mods (if any) did to the webcam, how you attached dslr to-from it, if used any other stufff (mount, etc.)? Also, did you shot a batch? or Single long exp? Thanks
  10. kabeza

    Taken with Canon 1100D

    My beginner "astropics" taken with Canon 1100D and 18-55mm lens kit
  11. Sure it is, at 43ºC average. Thanks!
  12. @ Double Kick Drum What can I say about my Canon 1100D? I just love it. I know it is not the best out there, but it is too much for my needs. And it is the best I could get for my budget (take it Nikon D3100 lol). I have it since June/12, but now I realize I need to get a couple more lens so I can make it better. 50mm 1.8 and 70-300 IS USM. This will make it usable for most of my needs. The best part is that IT HAS SUPPORT FOR MAGIC LANTERN firmware!!! Thanks @ The Sailor , @MarkSix , @Marki , @Mr Flibble , @luigis (LOL but you're right) , @bunnygod1 , @ JamesM , @ Rich MedRev , @ Catweazel fo
  13. I also have a Nexus 7, which (hopefully) will help me in next sunday's session I've installed - Google sky map - Droid Sky View - Mobile Observatory - Stellarium Mobile (among others) Mobile Observatory Mobile Observatory is an awesome source of information, and the best of all is that most of functions doesn't require 2 b online
  14. Totally *goes to kitchen and prepares sandwiches for tomorrow night first -serious- session*
  15. Hi guys I'm Enrique from Argentina I've started with astrophotography with a group of friends. I've been reading a lot, but I need more practise. I live at 300km from "Moon's Valley" or "Valle de la Luna" in San Juan I own a Canon 1100D, with std. 18-55mm lens kit, but looking forward and saving to get the IS USM 70-300 A friend has the Meade DS 2130 and Canon Powershot SX30 attached so we usually gather all the equipment at weekends to share new tips, etc. We're still trying to find how to align telescope at night without moon (new moon) but guess I'll have to do more research Greets.,
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