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  1. No not that bad but I just find it hard finding polaris in polar scope. I know I just need to practice which I have but just wondered if there was any aid's say software wise that could help/speed things up. Cheers kev
  2. Thanks everyone for your input on my problem. Cheers kev
  3. Cheers for the info. The problem I get is that light pollution is an issue from we're I normally use my scope (the back garden) so practicing polar aligning isn't that easy but I'll have to keep at it. Cheers kev
  4. Hi all I've just upgraded my focuser on my evostar 80ed but the new focuser doesn't have a finder shoe. Now I've bought a shoe but didn't know we're the best placement would be for this and the best way to attach it. If anyone could offer advise I'd appreciate it. Cheers kev
  5. sorry everyone spell check must have changed Drift for dirt
  6. Hi all I've been a member of stargazing lounge for a wile but with other commitments and bad sky's for a wile I've not had the scope out. I have just returned from a camping trip were when things went dark the sky just comes alive,unreal compared to back home were on a good night the sky's are not bad but not great. Now in November I'm going camping again but this time I'm taking the scope and would like to get some photos if possible but I feel like I'm starting from scratch seen as it's been so long since I got all my gear out. At home I find it so hard to polar align due to polluted sky's so what I'm wanting to know is can anyone advise me on a good tutorial for drift aligning as I think this May be better suited than polar aligning. Or a better idea would be if anyone from the South Yorkshire area would be so kind to show me how to drift align I would be forever in there debt. Cheers all. Kev
  7. Well the webcam didn't cost much to say its a ccd version so nothing lost if it doesn't work. Gina do you know of any good video tutorials for drift alignment as when i read the steps on a written tutorial i get a little lost. cheers Kev
  8. Thanks again for your support on this little pain in my otter. Yeah I'm going no where everything's ready to go as long as I can get this sorted. Just told Gina I've just bought a ccd webcam to give the polarscope webcam mod a go. Cheers kev
  9. Phi Gina thanks for you interest in this. How easy is drift alignment as I read up about it but it still ounds a little complicated for mr at this stage. I have just bought a ccd webcam to try the polarscope webcam mod to see if that works,if it doesn't I may have to try dirt alignment. Cheers kev
  10. Hi all only me again. Setup tonight to gain a bit more experience polar aligning. Well the cloud and weathers put a stop to that. Now I found Polaris,well I think. Find the cup on the big dipper draw a line from the middle of the cup straight out and you'll find Polaris. Now my observatory app shows the altitude of polaris being 52.8 degrees but I had my mount upto 68 before the adjustment bolt fouled the polar scope. Was I yet again looking at the wrong star and can you dim the red light in the polar scope as I can't see a thing as the red light is way too bright. Cheers all Kev
  11. Right I'll ask another question.......? Would anyone like to convince me that I should buy a feather touch or a moonlite. I'm all ears. Cheers kev
  12. Gonna say Steve if you've found them that cheap i'll have 6 lol p.s what scope did you buy yours for as i dont know how much the adaptors are as you have to ring. cheers Kev
  13. Hi Steve are you sure there the same as the revelation one is around £130 more than the skywatcher one.? cheers Kev
  14. Hi all I'm thinking about upgrading my stock focuser with something a little better/improved. Dont really want to spend feather touch / moonlite money as I've spent enough recently so wanted some feedback on the below foucers and wether people have had good/bad experiences with them. 1 revelation foucer from telescope house 2 baader steel track 3 TS monorail 4 skywatchers upgraded focuser Cheers kev
  15. Hi Russell I have a compass app and useit honest need to get used to the sky more. Practice makes perfect. Cheers kev
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