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  1. Hi All I got an ED80 for Christmas and now ive got a proper imaging scope i want to seriously get into dlsr stuff i use a canon 1000D, but being in doncaster the loight pollution is fair to say very effective at spoiling my images, even short exposures (depending on the direction im imaging) have a slight orange glow. So im looking to get a good quality filter help sort it out, i understand that the filters can never replace dark skies but it will help when im in the back garden. ive attached 2 images, 1 of m31 which is a 2 min exposure and 1 of The Orion nebula, which is also a 2 min exposure
  2. well ive done that and put it into photoshop but theres not a huge amount coming out, it could be my processing skills or if missed somthing
  3. should i move them all to the same position or move them each to different places along the line?
  4. still too big saved as a jpeg, and which part of the luminance do you mean theres a few lines to shift about?
  5. the file is too big to attach which is very annoying!
  6. just re-stacking laptop crashed and i lost it haha will be on in a moment
  7. Ive taken the stacked image and put it into both gimp and photoshop and theres hardly anything i can get from it i havent a clue why
  8. i havent done any, just straight from the memory card to DSS thats how ive always done it and this is the first time ive had this problem thats why im so stuck
  9. Hi All ive just come in from imaging m31 and ive stacked 12 light frames, but the end result has less detail the a single sub, why is this? is it because ive only done light frames, no dark or other frames? can anyone suggest any solutions Thanks Chris
  10. Haha! Yep I've got the ED80 For DSLR I've got my skymax 127 for planets I think I'm going to go to the astro shop in Rotherham and talk to the people there
  11. The Jupiter is spectacular! That's what I want to achieve, plus I don't think I'll have the money buy filters and filter wheel by April, as I am attending a star party in Wales and Mars Jupiter and Saturn are up at that time, plus if I save the money on the camera I can always put that towards a Barlow for my ED80
  12. So how much do that normally bump the price up? I do want to shoot in colour really I just think the colour images of planets look better
  13. The person on Twitter said if I think about it there's only the planets for colour I do love the colour images but is it a waste of money to buy in colour, or are they prices the same?
  14. Hi all ive just had my birthday and ive been give close to £200, so im looking to get a proper webcam if thats not the correct term im sorry, i will be using it with my 127 for the moon and once ive sorted a barlow out for my new ED80 ill want to use it on the sun, somone on twitter recomended a QHY5L-II Planetary/guide camera which is about £170, now what do poeple think? are there cameras cheaper but just as good quality, or for the quality will i need to pay the money for it? if anyone has any suggestions please leave them so i can google them, also if anyone has any images they did from th
  15. Thats why my first scope was the 127 for planets and moon etc i have today seen a video of Jupiter and a moon transit from lastnight he was using a DMK21AU618 i was very impressed
  16. The plan is to use my 127 for planets as thats what its best at, then the ed80 will be for nebula galaxies etc
  17. well im thinking of getting an ed80 for christmas, and when i do use the webcam on the moon i normally only use it for close ups im not too fussed about getting a full image a i do use a dslr for that
  18. hmmm its abit of a catch 22, i really love the images you can get if you use colour, but i also like doing moon and solar work
  19. will that wheel be needed for a colour camera then?
  20. If i want colour will that bump up the price? i do really like how the colour images look though if theres not much price difference if any at all then yes i do want colour
  21. Hi all im looking into getting a DMK in time for the next Astrocamp in April, and i was wonder what people can suggest? obviously id like one that gives good results when your using it, im not going to go mad on price either. it will be mainly planet use im unsure if its usefull for moon and solar imaging. so any suggestions would be lovely. Thanks Chris
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